What Is The Average Weight Of A Person When Bench Pressing?

Although the amount of weight you can bench press is one factor that can be used to gauge your strength, it is by no means the only factor. Bench pressing ninety percent of one’s body weight is possible for the typical man in his forties, though this number might shift depending on a number of different conditions. Continue reading to find out what the average bench press is. And keep in mind that every person is unique, and it’s possible that you don’t fit into the category that you’ve been thinking you do. 

You can establish some goals for yourself and get an idea of where you should be by using these charts.

Your overall level of fitness and the amount of time you’ve spent training will determine how much weight you can bench press. Liz Marsland, a CrossFit L-2 trainer at CrossFit Shapesmiths, explains that in order to gain a sense for a person’s benchmark, she looks at the individual as a whole and takes into consideration their size, build, and lifting experience.

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When it comes to lifting weights, an expert or exceptional athlete can typically do so with more than twice the strength of a person who has never trained before. It is recommended that you start by merely lifting the bar of a conventional barbell, which weighs 45 pounds.

Marsland suggests that people who have never lifted weights before acquire proper form using a training bar that weighs 22 pounds. Before moving on to heavier weights, you should do this so that you can become used to the movement and refine your technique.

It is essential to have proper form and to build up gradually if you want to be able to keep the results you have achieved.

Average Bench Press For Men.

In most cases, men are able to lift far heavier burdens than women. In their twenties and thirties, men are often at their strongest and are able to raise the amount of weight they bench press at this time. When people reach their forties, the average amount of weight they can bench press begins to decrease.

There are, of course, going to be some exceptions to these guidelines, but you still need to keep these things in mind as key considerations.

You may obtain a general estimate of how much the average adult male can bench press by consulting the following charts:

Body weight (lbs)UntrainedNoviceIntermediateAdvancedElite

Bench Press Average By Age

AgeTotal weight
20-29100% of Body Weight
30-3990% of Body Weight
40-4980% of Body Weight
50-5975% of Body Weight

Average Bench Press For Women.

consultation for reduce body weight

According to Marsland, the bench press is one of the best exercises for building strength in women since it engages multiple muscle groups at once.

She recommends that women begin slowly and carefully, especially if they do not have a lot of upper-body strength already. In addition, dips, pushups, and other plank variations are also excellent ways to improve strength.

It is not a woman’s age but rather her size and fitness level that are the most important factors in determining her ability to bench press. The following is how the breakdown looks for females:

Body weight (lbs)UntrainedNoviceIntermediateAdvancedElite

How To Get Stronger.

Maintaining a consistent technique and adhering to the following guidelines will allow you to build the upper-body strength necessary to bench press heavier weights.

Increase In Size Step By Step.

Gradually add more weight to your body, but let go of whatever aspirations you might have for the near future. Always keep in mind that seeing results will take some time.

Consume Food That Is Good For You.

Consume a diet rich in freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. Include in your diet things like nutritious carbs, fats, and proteins, as well as items that help create lean muscle. Maintain a healthy level of hydration during your workout by consuming sufficient fluids before, during, and after your session.

Use Proper Form.

To accomplish this, put your feet firmly into the floor, gently arch your lower back, and press your shoulders and glutes into the bench at the same time.

You should work yourself up to the point of exhaustion without pushing yourself beyond your capabilities or overexerting yourself. You can determine the maximum number of reps you can perform with this calculator.

Make Sure That Your Regimen For Strengthening Is Varied.

You will be able to target your full body with the help of this. Aerobic exercise and stretches that promote flexibility should both be incorporated.

bench press workout for managing body weight

Between sets of weightlifting, you should give each of your major muscle groups at least one full day of rest. When you feel it’s essential, take rests in between sets. Exhale as you lift the weight, and then inhale as you lower the weight, since this will help you practice correct breathing.

Try To Get The Services Of A Trainer.

Marsland emphasizes the importance of working with a personal trainer since they can assist you in following a program and developing the most effective workout for your needs.

“They can give recommendations on technique,” she continues, “even subtle angles of their body that only a trainer will detect.” They are able to provide emotional support, which enables you to push yourself to lift heavier weights and ensures your safety by ensuring your body is in the appropriate position.

The RPE Scale Can Be Used.

To establish how much weight you are capable of lifting, Marsland suggests making use of a measure known as the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). Since it is a thorough exercise, she emphasizes that you should employ the movement with your entire body, not just your arms, rather than simply the arms alone.

Marsland claims that her clients can lose up to 20 pounds after just a few sessions of employing the appropriate approach. She urges students to test their bodies in a variety of different ways while staying in the same setting in order to get the best possible results.

What Can Be Other Exercises Besides The Bench Press?

Although the bench press is considered to be one of the finest workouts for building muscular growth and strength in the chest, there are a variety of other exercises that can also be useful for the chest muscles.

You can do the bench press instead of these exercises, or you can do them in addition to the bench press, depending on which exercises you prefer and which equipment you have accessible.

Pec Deck.

Your chest muscles are worked in a manner analogous to that of the bench press when you perform the pec deck exercise. The seated position encourages correct posture and form, making it an excellent choice for novices as well as those who have suffered lower-body ailments.

Shoulders, arms, and the core are all strengthened by this exercise, which assists in actions involving the upper body.

Employ the appropriate form and the appropriate breathing techniques to guarantee your safety. If you have any concerns about the health of your shoulders, you should not perform this exercise. Try not to breathe too quickly or hold your breath.

Bent-Forward Cable Crossover

Your chest will be strengthened, toned, and tightened through the use of a pulley machine in this exercise. It aids in the improvement of balance as well as range of motion.

Move with deliberate slowness and consistency, and don’t go above your capabilities. 

Experiment with different angles to target different muscles, but make sure your form is correct at all times.

Inclined Dumbbell Flyes

Flying with an inclined dumbbell works your upper chest as well as your shoulders. Your wrists and arms contribute to the stabilization of the movement.

You will be performing this exercise while lying flat on your back on an inclined bench. You would typically use dumbbells for this exercise, but you may also rig up a cable station on either side of the room.

The Bottom Line

Make use of these bench press averages as benchmarks in the creation of your own training program. Instead of focusing on raising the amount of weight you bench press, on improving your form.

Maintain coherence in your method, and keep in mind that you should choose steady progress over rapid advancement. Pay attention to what your body is telling you, and stop what you’re doing if it hurts. Take at least one complete day off to relax every week.

If you are just starting out or if you have any medical concerns that could be affected by weightlifting, you should talk to your doctor before beginning.


What is a decent bench press weight?

A good bench press for an untrained physique athlete would be 0.80 to 1 times their body weight. This would be considered a solid workout. A good bench press, on the other hand, for trained physique athletes would be equivalent to about double their bodyweight.

What is the average weight a man can bench?

The typical weight that a man lifter will use for the bench press is 217 pounds (1RM). This is a pretty outstanding lift, and it moves you up to the Intermediate level on the Strength Scale. How would you describe a decent bench press? It is recommended that male novices shoot for a one-repetition maximum lift of 103 pounds, which is still impressive when compared to the average person.

What is a good bench press in KG?

The average number of repetitions a male of 20 years old can bench press is 1.4 times their body weight. The average amount that a female age 20 can bench press is equal to 0.9 times her body weight. Bench presses for males can vary anywhere from 78 kilograms (172 pounds) to 159 kilograms (350 pounds), while the weight range for women is 45 kilograms (99 pounds) to 74 kilograms (163 pounds).

How much should a beginner bench press?

It is possible to sustain an injury or even die prematurely if you bench more weight than you are intended to, thus it is important to begin with a moderate load and gradually increase it. If you have never performed a bench press before, start with a weight of roughly 22 pounds and focus on your form. Once you have gained more experience, you will be able to add more weight to your routine.

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