Each Treatment For Weight Loss Can Effectively Help

Too much weight in the body may prove to be stressful and even a danger to the health of an individual. Thus, it is expected for one to seek ways in which he or she can use treatment for weight loss to reduce the weight in his or her body.  Such ways may include: regular physical exercises, controlled diet and mode of feeding. At times these ways might not be of help due to their inability to produce desirable results in the body of an individual.

Treatment For Weight Loss - weight loss medication

Below I have done an exposition on the best medical treatments that when used will always produce the desired results in a faster and appropriate manner.

The Treatments For Weight Loss.

1. Orlistat or All Weight Loss Pills.

This is a drug that is a capsule in structure. It is taken as per the doctor’s prescription.


It is taken under a medical practitioner’s prescription, and the instructions given should have adhered to the latter.

It is taken in conjunction with the approved physical exercise by medical practitioners, change in behavior, and a diet aimed at reducing fat in the body of an individual.


One should not use the drugs in a quantity that is more than or less than the required dose, for these will not lead to faster loss of fat but rather would increase the possibility of one being affected by the side effects.

This drug affects the absorption of certain nutrients (fat-soluble nutrients which include vitamin A, D, E, K) vitamin supplements should be taken after every two hours of taking orlistat or before every two hours of taking orlistat.

One should also inform his or her doctor of any allergy that he or she is usually affected.

Before taking the medication, one ought to inform the doctor about his or her medical history that is of any disease that he or she is suffering or has ever suffered.


  • For a doctor to allow you to use a certain medication he or she must have established that the benefits of you using that medication are more than the side effects.
  • However side effects may occur. If you notice some of these side effects you are advised to report the matter to your doctor as first as possible:
  • Signs of liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis. Signs of kidney diseases such as prolonged urination or too much frequent urination. Allergic reactions such as skin rashes and body swellings.

2. Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Medication.

This is an operation that is done on the digestive system.


The operation is done on the digestive system of an individual in the aim of reducing the amount of food one consumes.

Treatment For Weight Loss - weight loss surgery

This is done by reducing the size of the stomach that an individual has or by altering some hormones involved in the feeding mechanism or at times both of the operations are done to one individual.

After the operation, the individual is restricted from eating for two good days in order to give time for the stomach walls and injuries created to heal.

The individual is then kept under a controlled diet for a period of at least two months.


Just like any other operation, this operation may have some dangers that might occur during the conduction and after the operation.

They include:

  • Death, although this is very rare, it might occur.
  • It may cause blood clots in the stomach and the digestive system at large.
  • It may lead to one having breathing problems.
  • May cause leaks in the gastrointestinal system.
  • The operation may cause bowel obstructions.
  • It may also lead to the affection by gallstones.
  • The operation may lead to stomach perforations.
  • The operation might also cause ulcers, especially in the stomach.

3. Liposuction Surgery For Weight Loss Medication.

This is a surgery that is done to the fat storage body parts and fat is removed through suction.


Small thin blunt tipped tubes are inserted into the skin cuttings and fat is sucked out as the doctor moves the tubes around the skin in areas where fat are known to be stored.

It is usually done as an outpatient service in a properly equipped ambulatory surgery center.


After the conduction of the operation, in some people the fat gained might not be stored in fat cells, the fat might be stored in areas near the heart or even lungs and this might be more dangerous to an individual’s health than the fat stored in the skin surface.


  • The operation might lead to swelling and soreness around the treated areas, this is often temporary.
  • The operation might cause buggy or rippling skin. To some people, this is always temporary while some people it persists.
  • It may cause one to have uneven skin surface, especially at the treated parts.
  • It may lead to a permanent skin color change of an individual.
  • The operation might cause damage to the nerves underneath the skin surface due to the ultraheat produced by the operating equipment.

4. Contrave Weight Loss Pills Medication.

This is a drug which is a tablet in structure and most of the time it is usually blue. It is taken purposely to reduce the weight of an individual.


The medicine is taken orally and should be swallowed whole for an attempt to chew or crush may lead to it being received by the body in its immediate action which may increase the chances of one being affected by the side effects.

Either the drug is accompanied by a meal which constitutes no or very little fat.

The drug should be taken regularly as per the doctor’s prescription.


The use of this drug may lead to dizziness, thus it is advisable not to use alcohol and marijuana after taking this drug for this will increase the intensity of dizziness.

One should not drive a locomotive or use a heavy machine after the taking of the drug.

After a long time of usage of this drug, it causes resistance to opiate drugs like heroin, however, too much usage of heroin might break the resistance but might be very dangerous and might even lead to death.


The use of these drugs may lead tone being affected by some following side effects.

However, it should be noted that for a doctor to prescribe this medication to an individual, he or she had established that the benefits of this medication are more than the side effects to the individual.

The side effects include:

  • One may have the feeling of nauseousness. An individual might feel like vomiting just after taking the drugs
  • It may lead to constipation. The drug might cause stomach pains. It may lead to a headache and dizziness.
  • The drugs might cause one trouble in sleeping habits. It may lead to increased sweating of an individual.
  • After taking the drugs one may feel his or her mouth being very dry and at times producing a very bad smell. The drug may lead to mental problems such as memory loss.

5. Garcinia Cambogia Extract Benefits.

This is a drug that is created from extracts of a plant (Garcinia Cambogia) mainly found in India and is effective in loss of weight.


The medication is taken orally as per the doctors prescribed dosage.


One should not take this drug if she or he is allergic to garcinia for the drug contains garcinia components.


  • The use of this medication may lead to one having an upset stomach.
  • This may also lead to a feeling of nauseousness.
  • The use of this drug may lead to a headache and dizziness.
    It may also lead to mental problems (a lot of speech and too loud, a lot of unnecessary excitement).

6. Hydroxycut Weight Loss Pills.

This is a drug that is a pill, capsule, or even gamule in structure and is meant to help in the reduction of weight.


The drug is taken in dosage.

One is advised not to take an overdose but rather increase the dose gradually, for example, three pills a day to four to five and so on.


People who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid this drug or instead should take a caffeine free version.

As one increases his or her dose, he or she should be aware that the higher your dose the higher the risk of being affected by the side effects.


  • It may lead to a feeling of insomnia.
  • The use of the drug may cause jitteriness in an individual.
  • It may cause anxiety in an individual.
  • This may cause severe diarrhea.

7. Raspberry Ketones Benefits For Weight Loss.

This is a chemical extracted from especially red raspberries, kiwifruits, and grapes.

It is used for the loss of weight but some people apply it to the skin for the loss of hair, it is also used by manufacturing companies of things such as food and cosmetics as a fragrance.


The drug is taken by mouth. It affects a hormone called adiponectin which can increase the rate at which the body burns fat and also reduces the appetite of an individual.

Research shows that using raspberry ketones with other ingredients such as caffeine twice a day for eight consecutive weeks can reduce the weight in the following ways: Body weight by 2%, fat mass in the body by 7.8%, the waist circumference by 2%, and the hip circumference by 1.7%.


A pregnant or breastfeeding mother is advised not to use raspberry ketones for it might note safe for her.

An individual who is undertaking medication on diabetes should not use raspberry ketones for it might lead to too much drop in the level of blood sugar in the body.


  • Taking raspberry ketones by mouth is quite safe than any other way of usage.
  • However, raspberry ketone is chemically related to a certain stimulant called synephrine and thus it might bring about the following side effects:
  • May cause the feeling of jitteriness in an individual.
  • It may lead to an increase in the level of blood pressure in the body.
  • It may lead to a rapid heartbeat in an individual.

8. Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss.

This is a seed of the coffee plant from the coffee fruit that is yet to be roasted. The roasting releases an amount of chemical chlorogenic acid which has some health benefits.


Green coffee bean extract is taken by mouth.

It is thought to affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism.

Research shows that adult who uses specific green coffee bean extract five times on a daily basis for eight weeks to twelve weeks lose an average of 2.5kg to 3.7kg more weight than people taking regular coffee.


A pregnant or a breastfeeding woman should not take this green coffee bean extract since it may affect the development of the infant.

The taking of this component may lead to abnormally high levels of homocysteine.

The use of this drug leads to glaucoma which the buildup of pressure in the eye and lasts for thirty minutes to ninety minutes.

It may increase the possibility of bleeding disorders in an individual.


  • It may lead to insomnia in an individual after usage. Causes stomach upset in some individuals. Leads to the feeling of nauseates and vomiting in an individual. Leads to increased heartbeat and breathing rate.
  • A large intake of this drug may lead to headaches and anxiety. May cause ringing in the ear of an individual.

9. Glucomannan For Weight Loss Medication.

Treatment For Weight Loss - capsules for weight loss

This is a dietary fiber made from the root of the konjac plant packaged in powder form, tablets, or capsules.


It is taken by mouth.

It slows the absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the gut thus helps in the reduction of sugar levels in diabetes and cholesterol levels in the body of an individual.


In case one is scheduled to undergo surgery he or she is advised to stop using glucomannan two weeks before the surgery for this might interfere with blood sugar control during and after the surgery.


Glucomannan powder is safe for adults and children if taken for four months. However, Glucomannan capsules and tablets might be unsafe since they might cause blockage to the throat and intestines.


There are certain exercises that might prove to be effective in the loss of weight. However, if they fail one is advised to seek the help of the medical treatments discussed above which will always be effective.

However, one should consult the doctor before taking a certain medication.

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