Can Trap Bar Deadlifts Replace With Squat Workouts For Beginners

Trap bar deadlifts have benefits that can be too good for beginners or any other trainer. Interestingly, the trap bar exercise has different variations to choose from. Therefore, the trap bar deadlift form can be done by beginners. The following paragraphs give you more details on the trap bar workout. In addition to that, the article also gives some more details on squats. By the end of the article, you will be in a good space to choose the best exercise.

Trap Bar Deadlift Form - Trap Bar Workouts

Trap Bar Deadlifts For Mass.

Deadlift is one of the main exercises that is essential to build mass and to strengthen hamstrings and lower back. In general, trap bar deadlifts build strength and muscle mass to back muscles and the trapezius portions. Additionally, trap bar deadlifts for legs also give your lower body a good workout. Deadlifts with barbells are good for strengthening and developing muscles.

The steps for trap bar deadlift are given below.

  1. You must stand in the center of the trap bar with your feet wide apart at hip width distance apart.
  2. Bend the knees without bending your back and reach down and grasp the handlebars. Your arms must be fully extended for this and center your grip carefully
  3. Take a deep breath. This step might seem unnecessary but it is a key step here. Take a deep breath and tighten your core
  4. Stand up by straightening your knees. Your back position must not be altered. Ensure that your back is flat and your core is tight.
  5. When you reach the top, exhale but keep your core still tight. Hold the extension for 2 seconds
  6. Finally, lower the bar to the ground to repeat it.

Trap Bar Deadlift Vs Squat.

Both exercises, deadlifts, and squats are effective for strengthening your lower body. Both exercises concentrate on the legs and glutes but the muscles they activate are slightly different. On the other hand, the squat is where you lower your thighs to the ground. Lower it until they are parallel and along with that, your chest must be upright.

The hexagonal bar is designed to relieve the stress on the lower. Instead, it puts more effort into the quad muscles. Because of this reason, trap bar deadlifts can be used to replace squats. The hex bar gives you a better position than squats. In squats, the weight is put on your shoulders so there are chances that you round your back as a reflex action.

On the other hand, trap bars put less effort into the shoulders preventing such action. Trap bar also prevents back and shoulder injuries and on top of that, it puts way less stress on existing injuries too. If you are already favoring squats, a barbell deadlift will be a better addition instead of a trap bar. This is because squats and trap bar has similarities regarding the muscles they work on.

Trap Bar Deadlift Vs Deadlift.

Both trap bar deadlift and barbell deadlifts follow the same actions. Since barbell deadlifts are the most common there are simply referred to as deadlifts. If you ask a person what a deadlift is they might talk about barbell deadlifts. The other variations are not as popular as barbell deadlifts.

Trap Bar Deadlift Form - barbell deadlift

Here is how you do a barbell deadlift,

  1. Start by picking the weight of your choice. This must not be done by beginners or amateurs. A trainer is highly essential for this because the amount of weight must not injure you.
  2. The barbell must be in front of you and your feet must be wide apart to match your shoulder length. Do not stand too far from the barbell.
  3. Keep your shoulders straight and bend your knees slightly to grip the barbell. Grip the bar with an overhand grip.
  4. Grip the bar strong and ensure that your feet are flat and pressed to the floor.
  5. Your back must be flat and straight, push your hips forward and stand. The hands must be strictly straight and must be lower than your hip
  6. Push your hips back, bend your knees slightly and set the bar down. You can do 3-5 sets with 1-5 reps per set. This can vary depending on the weight you lift.

The trap bar puts less stress on your lower back than the barbell deadlift. Barbell deadlifts also put a heavy strain on your spine as you have to bend your body forward. In trap bar deadlift, you stand within the hexagon which decreases the lean when you bend.

Additionally, the chest is more upright and in the correct angle position in the trap bar as opposed to a barbell deadlift. The hexagonal bar gives a much defined center position so as to balance your body while lifting. And above all, it’s safe for your lower back even if you have an injury or to prevent one in the future.

Trap Bar Deadlift For Sale.

You can easily buy a trap bar for deadlifting like any other gym equipment. You can choose according to your budget. It is better to take advice from a professional before making a purchase.

Trap Bar Deadlift Benefits.

Trap bar deadlift is better than deadlift and squats. It reduces the stress on your back than deadlifts, puts less strain on your spine, and most importantly it offers balance.

The hexagonal bar is a smart alternative you can use instead of barbell deadlifts because you get more balance in that. It gives more support and balance than squats in reality. The angle of the chest during this is upright reducing spinal load, compared to squats and deadlifts. Even though both deadlifts follow the same actions of hinge movements, the higher peak of knee movement is in trap bar.

Trap Bar Deadlift Form- lift heavier weight

Studies found that a person can lift heavier weight in a trap bar. Also, they could lift faster and hold it longer too while using a trap bar. So basically it improves your performance altogether and has the merit of lower risk of injury.

Trap Bar Deadlifts For Seniors.

Everyone might wrinkle their nose if they hear about a senior person exercising. This forms a fear within the seniors themselves. We all know as we get older, our bodies tolerate less than what we did when we were younger. But that should not be a reason to stop you from working out.

Lifting might seem like a heavy exercise but if you are healthy there is nothing to worry about. You must ensure that you do it the right way and take the best advice. You can do any exercise as long as you do it properly. Remember that it’s all dependent on your health, mobility, past experience, and more.

Both squats and deadlifts will make your day to day life easier and it has other benefits as well. Trap bar deadlifts will ensure that you live a longer healthier life if you do it.

Trap bar deadlift is good for lowering the chances of having diseases like oesteoporosis and other bone diseases. As you might know, trap bar deadlift is all about balance, and doing it will give you proper balance (which is known to be a senior person’s problem) and will reduce the chances of having it in the future. The proper execution gets much more important when it comes to seniors. The back position and bending movements might have an adverse effect if not done properly. Always have a trainer before you get the hang of it.

What Muscles Do Deadlifts Work.

The trap bar is popular for the major muscle groups that it targets and its effectiveness. Trap bar deadlift puts the effort on your trapezius, back, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and erectors. This exercise targets the gluteus medius and Maximus which are the main muscle groups in athletics and lower body strength.

It also targets the quadriceps better than others as it increases knee flex. More knee flexion means more upright positioning of the torso and it minimizes the strain on hamstrings and lowers the back. Erectors are the lower back muscles and their higher back angle decreases the amount of loan on it. The trapezius is a cluster of muscles really benefitting from trap bar deadlifts. The higher emphasis will help strengthen it to power.

Doing deadlifts may leave your body in pain. However, it is important to warm up before exercising and doing stretching and breathing exercises to lower pains. You must use an experienced coach to help you with how to do the deadlift in the correct way to lower injuries. An ice pack and a moist hot pack can be used to relieve your pains. Regardless of the pains, you must not stop exercising.


The trap bar deadlifts are the most advised due to their higher success rate. It definitely has more perks and fewer drawbacks making it a perfect choice for work out. Both kinds of deadlifts and squats have their own merits and the trick lies in you finding out which is the best for you. It must be done ultimately on the basis of various factors subjective to you.

You can try different variations such as trap bar squats, trap bar shrug, and many others.

What would you recommend for beginners?

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