Three Person Yoga Poses: Easily Balancing And Challenging Acro Poses

Are you looking for yoga poses for three people? While doing yoga alone or with a partner is enjoyable, adding a third person to the mix may truly boost your creativity and enjoyment. Let the three person yoga poses challenge begin! Many of these poses start to blur the boundary between acrobatics and yoga if three persons are involved. In fact, this form of yoga has a name: acro yoga. Many of the positions in acro yoga include one or more yogis being lifted into the air and balancing on the hands or torso of the yogi on the ground.

These are exciting, but there is obviously some risk involved, so be careful to assist one another in balancing. Because some of these positions lack formal names, we’ll try our best to characterize them. The photographs and videos should help you visualize how to perform these yoga poses for three people.

What is Acro Yoga? An Introduction

Acro yoga is one of the most unusual yoga forms to emerge in recent years. Yoga, gymnastics, and acrobatics can all incorporate. Acro yoga is normally performed by two persons.

Three Person Yoga Poses - Acro yoga poses

Before moving on to three person postures, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic acro positions for two people. It’s all about balance in acro yoga.

You utilize your body and limbs in unison with others, pushing off their bodies to produce resistance and maintain perfect balance for all of you. To pull off this form of workout, you’ll need to be both powerful and flexible.

Acro yoga is more concerned with physical power than with meditation and appropriate breathing. These types of positions, on the other hand, are an excellent method to find harmony and serenity with your fellow yogis.

Working together to complete a few of these group yoga positions will lift your spirits and bring you closer to your companions. The importance of positioning which cannot overstate. The following are the primary duties to be aware of:


The base is the person on the ground who is almost always flat on their back. The base offers a solid foundation for the rest of the structure. This function is critical in giving people with strength and peace of mind.


The flyer that is on top is the one that is the most prominent. They can even appear to be flying in certain positions.

One or two flyers can use in yoga positions for three persons. Flyers require a high level of balance and coordination. It also helps to be light and have good body control so you can evenly distribute your weight and make the job of the base easier.


A spotter, like a weightlifter, maintains an eye on appropriate form and keeps the others safe. A spotter, on the other hand, does not have to just stand there and watch. A spotter can take part in the posture as well.

There may not be a spotter in every three person position; some may only have one base and two fliers. Because of the height involved, some acro yoga positions might be dangerous, so proceed with caution. Begin with the easy poses, and have a spotter on hand to assist you. Gradually progress to the more difficult three person postures, but don’t rush or get negligent.

You could even invite a friend in and try out some group poses once you’ve mastered these postures!

A separate guide to the greatest four-person positions is available!

Start With Some Easy Poses

We wouldn’t advise yoga newbies to try acro yoga positions or a difficult three person yoga challenge right away. Instead, begin with a few positions that are considerably easier to obtain.

These postures don’t necessitate any complicated acrobatics, so they’re an excellent place to start. You could choose to appoint one individual to act as a leader, guiding the discussion and offering suggestions.

Three Person Yoga Poses - Natarajasana poses

You can begin by sitting in a lotus posture circle with all three of you. Concentrate on achieving a relaxed state of mind. You can’t only become one with your own body in acro yoga; you’ll also have to become one with your partners’ bodies. As a result, it is an excellent moment to concentrate on being close to your partners and interacting with them in your environment.

Lord of the Dance Pose

After that, you can do a series of standing positions together. The Lord of the Dance Pose (Natarajasana) is an excellent place to begin. For a lone yogi, this pose can be challenging, but in a group of three, you can use each other for balance.

To stay in place, get acclimated to the sense of working in sync with your teammates. Basic postures like this can help you gain confidence and comfort as you go to more challenging ones. Warrior III or Standing Splits might be used in the similar way, with your teammates providing resistance and balance.

2-Person Whale Pose with a Spotter

Next, the simplest approach to get to three person yoga positions is to begin with two-person poses, with the third yogi serving as a spotter to assist the others in achieving balance and proper form.

Begin with simple two-person poses like this before progressing to more complex three person stances.

Whale Stance is acro yoga’s name for the pose shown above. The flyer’s spine is stretched deeply, and the base improves their core and arm muscles. Once you’ve mastered the duo version of whale posture, it’s time to move on to three person acro poses.

Three Person Plank Pose

Plank on Plank on Plank is a nice three person pose to start with. It’s three yogis doing planks on top of each other, exactly as it sounds. You could call it a plankage tower! Keep your weight evenly distributed between your hands and feet, and rest your feet on their shoulder blades to prevent making life difficult for the person beneath you. Obviously, the main benefits of this pose are arm toning and improved balance.

Downward Dog & L-Shape Group Pose

The next position adds a third person to the two-person acro pose Downward Dog L-Shape. The title, once again, says it all. Begin in Downward Dog, then have the second yogi do a half-dog, half-L, and then have the third person complete a full L-shape.

For optimal support, spread your fingers and maintain your hands flat on the ground, and place your ankles on your partner’s backside. It’s a cool-looking position that also strengthens your arms.

Intermediate Yoga Poses for Three People

Down Dog Pyramid

All three yogis are in Downward Facing Dog in this pose, but one of them is a flyer, balancing on the booty of the two bases to form a pyramid. As indicated above, the two bases must be close together, with their hands crisscrossed and heads virtually touching.

The flyer is shown in the snap performing a variation by lifting her leg into the air. Raising a leg in many of these postures is a fun technique to add another layer of difficulty once the basic stance has been established.

Variation on Throne Pose for 3 People

Two flyers are balanced on a single foot in this configuration. To maintain lateral balance, the base places their foot into the meatiest area of the thigh, while the yogis on top wrap their legs around the base’s leg.

They also hold each other’s wrists, allowing them to gently push and pull each other to keep each other in position. This one can take a lot of trial and error to get right.

Although it can be challenging, we’ve labeled it as “intermediate” because it’s one of the safer three person postures. Nobody is more than a few feet off the ground, so there isn’t a great deal of danger.

Foot to Hand and Throne Pose Combo

This one combines a few of basic two-person acro yoga stances. The foot to hand position is simple, but it necessitates exceptional balance and arm strength because the base must grip and hold the flyer’s heels.

In the meantime, the third person takes a seat on the base’s raised feet. Because the two flyers aren’t touching, this is an unusual stance.

As a result, they’re maintaining their own equilibrium while working in tandem with the base. Another nice sight is created by this position.

Challenging three Person Yoga Poses

Disclaimer: Try these postures at your own risk, as they typically require you to lift your companions several feet off the ground. These demanding yoga positions for three people are best suited for experienced yogis who are conscious of their partners and can maintain control and balance.

Double Plank Press

A Plank Press is an acro yoga maneuver in which the flyer balances on the base’s feet and extends their arms in a T configuration. A second flyer is added to this three person yoga pose, who is hoisted up by both hands of the base on their waist.

This position necessitates a lot of arm strength from the base. Also note how the lower flyer’s legs are straddling the legs of the base.

She can maintain lateral balance using that minor positioning method if she feels herself leaning too far to one side or the other.

Double Front Plank

If you look closely, you’ll notice that this one is pretty challenging. The base supports each partner with one hand and one foot in this stance.

His feet are on the outside border of the women’s hips, which is unusual. That means there isn’t any support in the centre to keep them from collapsing.

So, how do they manage to stay awake? They’re putting a lot of pressure down into the base’s hands, and the base is pushing back up with a lot of force.

Second, their arms are securely wrapped around each other, squeezing their bodies into a single platform rather than two separate bodies.

Three-Person Flying Plank Press

Here’s a different take on the Plank Press. This stance adds a second body to lean against the base’s feet, rather than the flyer balancing directly on the base’s feet.

The flyer can then held aloft by that person, giving them much more height off the ground than they could with simply two people. Definitely one of the greatest three person yoga positions!

Flying Downward Facing Dog

Is there anyone up for a Flying Down Dog? Consider how much of a rush it will be to do it seven feet in the air if you’re bored with the usual Down Dog position.

The ideal way to produce this three person stance is for the bases to start from a crouching position and progressively raise the flyer into the air. You’ve reached the pinnacle of acro yoga!

Front Plank With Vertical Flyer

On our list of the top three person yoga poses, there are only two more to go! This variation adds a third person standing vertically on top of the conventional Front Plank. We say “simply,” but let’s be honest… this one isn’t easy.

The vertical flyer will need to work her way up from a crouch to a full stand, which will demand a tremendous push from the base’s hands and feet.

Flying Handstand

Notice how the yogis’ arms create a triangle to provide optimal support. The left base puts his hands on the flyer’s shoulder blades to stabilize her and keep her from falling over. To maintain herself aloft, the flyer presses on the right base. It appears difficult, as it is, but those who have mastered the handstand may be able to do it.

Bottom Line

When it comes to yoga for three or more individuals, the bottom line is to have fun! It’s an incredible experience to witness a challenging stance that appears to be unattainable. Then you can figure out how to make it happen.

Best of luck, and please be safe!

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