What Muscles Are Worked By The Dumbbell Floor Press

Dumbbell Floor Press

If you want to make your triceps and chest bigger and stronger, you should give the dumbbell floor press a try. This exercise targets the triceps, pectorals, shoulder, abs, and forearms. The article discusses the muscles worked by the dumbbell floor press in detail. In addition to that, there is a list of floor press … Read more

Lateral Shoulder Raise Machine Muscles Worked

Lateral Raise Machine

The lateral machine works the upper body muscles. Mainly, it works the lateral deltoid. This article shed more light on the muscles that you engage when using the lateral raise machine. These muscles will be discussed in detail. You will also get detailed instructions on how to use the machine to do different exercises. In … Read more

Is Scapular Pull Ups Bad For Shoulders?

Scapular Pull Ups

The scapular pull ups are the best exercise for your shoulder blades. However, other people experience pain when they do exercise or after exercising. This does not mean it’s a bad exercise. This article gives you clear instructions that you can follow to do the scapular pull-ups workout. More so, the following paragraphs discuss the … Read more

Shoulder Workouts For Women Made Easier Than Before At the Home

Shoulder Workouts For Women

Men prefer shoulders that feel like boulders. However, women are more passionate about bold shoulders. The content of this article is solely meant to help you with the best shoulder workouts for women. The inventory of workouts attached in this article is capable enough to get you around, full, and big shoulders. There is no … Read more

How To Do Windmill Exercise With Kettlebell

Windmill Exercise

Are you looking for incredible mobility and stability in your body? Then, kettlebell windmill exercise is there for you. Many athletes and coaches do prefer this regimen. It comes with tremendous benefits for most of the tissues as well as joints. In short, the kettlebell windmill workout offers power and strength. It further helps to … Read more

Chest And Shoulder Workout Plan

Chest And Shoulder Workout

Are you interested in chest and shoulder workout sets? Then, you are on the right track of improving your appearance. However, a proper routine is essential to get the desired results and maintain the same. Do you know the chest is a strong pushing muscle? Moreover, it also works simultaneously with anterior deltoids as well … Read more