What Exactly Is A Pull-Up Exercise? With Its Benefits, And Target Muscles

What Is A Pull Up Exercise

Pullups are a difficult upper body exercise that involve grabbing an overhead bar with both hands and lifting your body until your chin is above the bar. Pull-ups are not required for a U.S. Marine to pass the annual physical fitness test because they are such a challenging activity. In fact, if they do not … Read more

What Exercise Can You Substitute For Pull Ups?

pull up alternative exercise

Pull-ups target the upper body muscles such as lats, rhomboids, deltoids, and many others. As such, you can do pull up alternative exercise to target those muscles that are worked by pull-ups. For example, you can do barbell bent-over row, dumbbell rows, dumbbell lat pulldown to exercise your upper body. Therefore, if you cannot do … Read more

101 Pull Up VS Chin Up: Strengthen Your Upper Body

Pull Up VS Chin Up

You might be one of the people who cannot differentiate pull up vs chin up exercises. You are not the only one. These exercises are similar, one way or the other your body would be pulled up as you are doing them. They are both goods in strengthening the upper body. However, pull up vs … Read more