Weight Loss For Men Over 50: The Proven 5 Step Plan

Looking for ways to lose weight for men over the age of 50? Your quest is done now that we have developed a comprehensive strategy that is successful in practice!

This isn’t some random plan, by any means. This diet will assist you in losing weight in a healthy and efficient manner, and you will actually be able to keep the weight off!

In addition, it is a lot more detailed (and helpful) than those generic articles titled “Top 10 Weight Loss Tips” that are all over the internet and social media platforms.

In particular, we’ll go through the five most important aspects of weight loss for males over the age of 50:

Are you prepared to dive in? Everything you wanted to know about losing weight for men over the age of 50 is right here! .

losing belly fat for men over 50 - workout plan

Step 01:

Having The Right Frame Of Mind Is Absolutely Necessary For Successful Weight Loss.

I’m not going to beat about the bush with you regarding this first essential principle.

The vast majority of men over the age of 50 who are trying to lose weight make one major oversight.

And this error is that they try to concentrate on meal plans and exercise routines BEFORE they have established the appropriate mentality and motivation.

Yes, a well-planned healthy diet and exercise routine are vitally crucial components of a successful weight loss strategy.

You have undoubtedly experimented with each and every kind of diet that is currently available, such as CICO, keto, vegan, etc., so choosing the diet that is most effective for you is essential.

HOWEVER, the improper place to begin is with one’s diet and workout routine.

First, we need to perform some “inner work” on your thinking and motivation in order to increase the likelihood that you will really implement the most effective food and exercise practices that you will learn about in this guide. These strategies include:

If you are a man in your 50s who wants to reduce weight, I have no doubt that you have gone on diets in the past and been unsuccessful.

If so, you’re not alone. I had experience there as well.

The “key” to your success in losing weight and maintaining it over a long period of time is the clarity you have of the profound interior motivations you have for wanting to lose weight.

You won’t see any results from any kind of eating plan or exercise routine if you can’t maintain consistency, and maintaining consistency comes from having the right mindset and being motivated.

Finding your “Why Power” is what we refer to as the process of delving deep into one’s own motivational underpinnings here at the .

I’m going to walk you through our three-question approach right now, which will assist you in locating the driving force behind your weight loss efforts.

good mind set for start a weight loss plan

Put This Inquiry Into Your Own Head Three Times In A Row.

Asking yourself the following question is the most effective method for getting to the bottom of WHY you want to reduce your weight:

“Why do I feel the need to reduce my weight?”

This question appears to be very straightforward; however, there is a wealth of information included inside it.

When you ask yourself this question for the very first time, your response might go something like this:

“I want to get rid of those 20 pounds that are hanging on my tummy, therefore I’m going to try to reduce weight.”

A strong beginning. Now, you need to ask yourself WHY once more.

“I want to get rid of those 20 pounds so that I can feel confident in myself again and because I know that by doing so I will be minimizing my risk for a wide variety of health conditions that I witnessed my father endure,” the speaker said.

OK. We’re delving a little deeper now. Repeat the question “why” to yourself.

“Deep down, I’m frightened that I’m getting ‘over the hill,’ and that I won’t be able to perform as well as I used to at work and in life. Because of this, I want to feel more confident in myself, and I want to lower my risk of disease. The thought that I won’t be able to watch my grandchildren grow up fills me with dread.

Boom! Now we’re getting to the juicy part of the discussion.

In this illustration, we have at long last discovered some of the profound feelings that will be the driving force behind successful weight loss.

Now, let’s transform this negative purpose statement into a good mission statement that will FUEL your success in losing weight:

“I am aware that in order for me to continue to perform like the man that I am… and in order for me to be around to take care of my family and watch my grandchildren grow up, I need to shed those twenty extra pounds,” I said.

To tell you the truth, having the bravery to delve this far into the underlying reasons for your desire to reduce weight takes a lot of courage.

It is one of the most courageous things you could ever attempt to do. You are confronted with the anxieties and insecurities that all of us males share, regardless of our age and the amount of weight we are now carrying.

Before beginning the diet, the majority of men over the age of 50 just do not take the time to fully get clear on this significant “emotional labor.”

If you ignore the importance of having the right mindset, you are setting yourself up for certain failure.

If you can get your intense feelings and the most effective food and exercise practices for weight loss to match with one another, you will be well on your way to achieving victory.

I wish to issue a challenge to you to carry out this procedure IMMEDIATELY. Ask “why” at least three times to yourself, and take down your responses each time.

Step 02:

Established The Right Frame Of Mind Then, At Least Seven Hours Of Sleep Every Night.

Do you wake up in the morning with that dreadful feeling of being exhausted and irritable, when all you want to do is reach for anything caffeinated and sugary so that you can feel like a human again?

If you do that, you’ll fully understand where I’m coming from with this point.

The next step in your plan for weight loss for men over 50 is to evaluate the amount of sleep you are now getting in comparison to the amount of sleep you should be getting in order to successfully lose weight.

If You Get Less Than Seven Hours Of Sleep Each Night, Your Body Will Be Extremely Resistive To The Process Of Weight Loss.

That drowsy feeling I just stated is primarily produced by an imbalance in three of the crucial chemicals that determine how your body works. The hormones in question are melatonin, cortisol, and testosterone.

To be more specific, the following things can happen to your body when you do not get enough sleep:

  • Your body will become exceedingly inefficient at “processing” carbohydrates, which will result in increased fat storage.
  • As a result, the fat-burning and appetite-suppressing hormones (like leptin) in your body begin to decline, which causes you to feel hungry all the time.
  • You have a rise in the hunger-stimulating hormone (ghrelin) in your body, which causes you to feel even hungrier.
  • Your body’s production of the stress hormone cortisol goes up, which makes you feel on edge and makes you more likely to accumulate fat.

The Correct Amount Of Sleep Is An Incredibly Essential Component Of The Correct Plan For Losing Weight For Men Over The Age Of 50.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, no amount of good eating or exercise will be able to help you lose weight in the long run.

Because of this, we make it a point to discuss the significance of getting enough shut-eye before moving on to subjects such as diet and physical activity (coming up next).

As you move through your 40s and into your 50s, you are undoubtedly seeing that your energy levels are taking a bit of a dip as well. Because of this, making sure that you get more sleep will naturally help you stay more vivacious and active.

I’m sure that the last thing you were expecting to find in an article about losing weight was advice to get more sleep, but alas, such is life!

A minimum of seven hours of sleep is required each night in order to keep your hormones in line and your weight loss on track.

Step 03:

change your eating habit

Change Your Eating Habits For The Long Term Instead Of Trying Yet Another Diet. 

Diets are bad, that is a fact. These are quick remedies that, in the long run, almost always result in increased fat accumulation rather than decreased fat gain.

The right healthy food plan is the most crucial aspect in your weight loss achievement (followed closely by adequate sleep and a positive mental attitude).

When It Comes To Shedding Pounds As A Man Over The Age Of 50, A Balanced Diet Is, In Point Of Fact, Considerably More Crucial Than Physical Activity.

Because of this, we are going to devote a few minutes of this part to discussing our strategy to making healthy eating less complicated so that you can lose weight.

This tactic is referred to as the “Perfect Plate” Strategy.

The ideal meal consists of one-fourth protein, one-fourth carbohydrates, and one-half different types of vegetables.

It’s extremely simple, but it gets the job done!

  • Pick a source of lean protein like turkey, chicken, lean beef, or tuna instead of red meat.
  • Combine it with a nutritious source of carbohydrates such as quinoa, sweet potatoes, or brown rice.
  • Your remaining space on the plate should be taken up by a colorful assortment of vegetables.
  • We recommend that you pre-plan, cook, and store at least some of your meals in order to make life easier for yourself over the next few days.

Cooking on Sunday for meals to be eaten Monday through Wednesday, and cooking again on Wednesday for Thursday through Sunday, works best for me. Just one hour is all I need to take care of these three grownups.

Instead Of Storing Your Food In Plastic Containers, Opt For Glass Ones.

It has been demonstrated that the plastic ones contain estrogen-like xenohormones, which can result in decreased testosterone levels.

It is imperative that a man in his 50s do everything in his power to raise his testosterone levels rather than lower them.

In Addition, Ensure That Adequate Water Is A Component Of Your Entire Dietary Plan.

I am confident that you are already aware of the significance of maintaining an appropriate level of hydration, so I will spare you the lecture.

I’ll only provide you with a few brief recommendations that I strongly suggest you put into practice:

  • Daily water consumption should be between 2 and 2.5 liters.
  • Within the first half an hour of waking up, you should have your first half liter of liquid.
  • For the same reason that we suggest you store your food in glass containers, you should use an aluminum bottle.
  • Maintaining proper hydration throughout the day requires that you have your water bottle within easy reach at all times.

You have my full support in making a commitment to maintaining a healthy diet for your entire life.

Step 04:

Establish A Daily Activity Goal Of Thirty Minutes As Your Primary Focus For Your First Workout.

plan your workouts with trainer

Although the mantra that I have just provided with you emphasizes the high necessity of having a solid nutrition plan first and foremost, the structure for your weight reduction strategy for men over 50 should still include daily activity and regular exercise.

We suggest beginning with a daily activity that lasts for thirty minutes.

This might be nearly anything you do in your day-to-day life, like tending to your garden, washing your car, or working on any home improvement projects around the house.

You may burn excess calories and shift abdominal fat by doing something you enjoy that keeps you moving and somewhat out of breath. This will also increase your cardiovascular strength and keep you fit and healthy.

You might also expand this a little bit, to include things that require a bit more effort, such as going on a hike, kayaking, or swimming.

The goal is to keep the activity relatively low impact at this time, thus those that were stated above would be wonderful ones to start with.

Unfortunately, when you enter your 50s, your metabolism starts to slow down, and you begin to lose muscle at a rate that is significantly faster than it was in your 30s and 40s.

Regular exercise is essential if you want to maintain a healthy metabolism and minimize the amount of muscle you lose.

It also helps with blood flow, which will help decrease joint discomfort and alleviate general aches and pains. Another benefit of this is that it helps with joint mobility.

If you feel that you need to challenge yourself a little more, or if you have been accustomed to engaging in everyday activity for thirty minutes, you are ready to progress to more structured exercise routines, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Step 05: 

Begin Some Formal Workouts Once You Have Your Mindset, Sleep, Eating, And Daily Activity Settled In Once You Have These Things Settled In.

After you have made the decision that it is time to progress to more formal exercise, there are a few different types of regimens that you can follow in order to assist you in achieving various goals.

Interval Training With A Low Impact And A High Intensity (HIIT).

Workouts that focus on high intensity interval training (HIIT) are used to boost metabolic rate in addition to improving cardiovascular fitness.

These exercises are a lot of fun, and they can be performed with relative ease on any piece of cardiovascular equipment.

A high-intensity interval training session (HIIT) consists of a series of short, high-intensity bursts of work followed by periods of rest or active rest of a similar duration.

For instance, you may begin by walking quickly on a treadmill at a speed of 6-7 kilometers per hour and an incline of 1%. After that, you could follow this cycle:

  • A three to five minute warm-up.
  • 20 minutes with a gradient of 1% for one minute and 6% for the next minute alternately every minute.
  • Relax for the next 5 minutes.
  • Static stretches for the entire body

Workouts That Target the Entire Body

Strength training is ideal for building or maintaining lean mass and is beneficial in two specific areas, namely enhanced bodily strength and increased weight loss. This is because strength training helps maintain or increase lean mass.

Your body will be able to maintain its stability, which will improve your balance and proprioception. Additionally, your body will be more metabolically active, and as a result, you will burn calories like a lit fire. Increasing your total strength and muscle mass will achieve these goals.

When it comes to strength training, you have the option of employing either your own body weight or weights.

When I coach a person like you, I always begin with bodyweight exercises since they are the most effective.

The reason for this is that it trains your body to use weight without putting undue strain on itself and works the tiny stabilizer muscles that are found throughout the body.

A strength routine that targets the entire body might consist of:

  • Squats for legs.
  • Lunges for legs.
  • Exercises for the chest, shoulders, and triceps include press-ups.
  • Pull-ups are great for strengthening your back, shoulders, and biceps.
  • Triceps work is done with bench dips.

Flexibility and Mobility.

You may be experiencing some aches and pains in your muscles and joints because you are a man who has lived for half a century and been subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

A regimen that improves your flexibility and mobility will be a blessing for you if this is the case.

They are intended to stretch out your muscles, which will help soothe the pains, and move your joints, which will help lessen any discomfort that you may be experiencing.

At the conclusion of each activity or workout session, you should perform some static stretches and mobility exercises. This is just a basic recommendation.

Stretch every muscle, being sure to hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds.

Mobilization of every joint that hasn’t been done yet is necessary for movement.

Shoulder rolls and arm swings are great ways to activate your upper limbs after engaging in an activity such as walking.

Mobilize your lower limbs after a session of kayaking by performing high knee marches, heel flicks, and ankle circles.


Exercise of a more structured kind, like this, should be the very last step you take in your strategy to lose weight if you are a man over the age of 50. Believe it or not, it is also the step that is the least necessary.

It won’t be difficult for you to reduce your weight or keep it under control if you stick to a healthy eating plan and stay active for at least half an hour every day.

Putting Your Plan to Lose Weight for Men Over 50 to Work for You

I am aware that you are in it for the long haul, and a strategy that can endure over time is just what you require.

You should not consider the material that you have read here to be a diet that will last you for six weeks or a fitness routine that will give you six pack abs.

It is a practical and sustainable lifestyle plan that you can apply immediately to keep you healthy, energetic, fit, and strong for you and your family. You may start using it right away.

The following are the most important considerations to keep in mind regarding this plan:

  • At least three times, write down your answers to the question “why do you want to lose weight?”
  • Make use of your DEEP why in order to get your mentality in the correct place.
  • Get at least seven hours of sleep every single night.
  • In order to maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle, try using our “Perfect Plate” method.
  • Engage in daily activities for a period of half an hour.
  • When it is required to do so, participate in structured exercise programs.

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