Why Does It Take Me So Long To Fall Asleep?

“Why does it take me so long to fall asleep?” Do you wonder about the same? Different reasons can develop a sleeping deficiency in different people. The post comes with many simple tips to fall asleep faster. Moreover, you would also know about post-meal sleeping reasons. The post would also discuss many other aspects regarding sleeping. What is the normal duration for falling asleep at night? It is 10 to 20 minutes. However, the duration can change sometimes. However, maintaining a proper sleep routine is essential. Otherwise, one can face difficulties in performing day-to-day activities.

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Sufficient sleep is necessary to keep up a healthy body and mind. Nevertheless, falling asleep easily and quickly calls for a learning curve. This post has some simple methods to help get sound sleep with ease. Adequate sleep is critical to repair the body and to stay healthy. It also contributes to preventing obesity, heart ailments, and prolonged illnesses.

How To Fall Asleep In 10 Seconds?

Do you want to enter the state of sound sleep without wasting time? Then, you must learn the proper method, and it is the military technique in this regard. Upon learning this method, you can expect to fall asleep at the earliest. Nevertheless, it calls for enough practice.

Moreover, it may not start working in the first couple of sessions. Hence, proper practice is a must. This technique can take around 120 seconds to generate results. Therefore, the last ten seconds of the session can make you fall asleep.

What are the Steps?

The steps of this military technique are as follows:

To begin, it is critical to relax each of the facial muscles.

The next step is about releasing the pressure from the shoulders. The person should allow the body to drop both of the hands on each side. Then, it is time to relaxing the chest and exhaling. As the next step, the person should relax other body parts, such as legs, calves, and thighs.

It is essential to visualize a relaxing picture in mind. It would help to unload and calm the mind in merely 10 seconds. Furthermore, repeating the phrase “don’t think” in mind for ten seconds should also work. As a result, one can expect to fall asleep.

More Information On The 10-Second Sleeping Method.

Some people can think of this military technique as magic. It is because many people do not fall asleep faster. They keep on turning on their beds and so take hours to fall asleep.

Nevertheless, mastering this method calls for enough practice. It is because one may need some time to release strain from the body. Note that breathing exercises can streamline this 10-second technique. One should also keep some other points in mind to fall asleep faster: Refrain from using technology before sleeping

Do not snack before bed. It is because a full stomach can disrupt sleep. The gap of around three hours between the last meal and sleeping time is important. Besides, it is also significant to avoid any sort of noise. The same applies to surrounding distractions, which could ruin a quality sleep. Moreover, keeping up proper sleep hygiene is also necessary.

Why Do I Fall Asleep After Eating?

Many people feel sleepy after taking meals. And some of them can wonder the reason for this occurrence. Post-meal sleepiness happens due to the body’s response to chemical alterations. It is normal throughout the digestion process. It happens to every human being. But, feeling sleepy after every meal can obstruct day-to-day activities. And it can pose a concern. Moreover, post-lunch sleepiness can alleviate work efficiency as well.


Note that sleepiness occurs when the stomach gets full. And it is common for many individuals. Many factors can be responsible for post-eating sleepiness. For instance, the kind of food one eats can contribute a lot in this regard. Furthermore, irregular sleeping habits can also affect day-to-day sleeping. Post-eating sleepiness can also depend on some health issues and many other factors.

Certain health ailments can also develop post-meal sleepiness. Such ailments include anemia, allergies, and so on.

Why Do I Fall Asleep When I Read?

How Long Does It Take To Fall Asleep - reading and fall asleep

Do remember reading is an activity that calls for heavy eye movements. Reading needs eyes to follow word after word throughout the page. Moreover, this activity requires enough brainpower to comprehend the meanings. Naturally, the brain needs to work hard. As a result, eye muscles get tired. It is the natural signal that they are calling for rest. It leads eyes to close slowly and the person falls asleep as a result.

How To Not Fall Asleep In Class?

Some simple tips can help one to keep sleepy feeling at bay in the classroom:

Carrying a Water Bottle is Significant:

Many students have sleepy feelings in their classrooms. One easy solution in this regard is to drink some water. Especially drinking some cold water helps to keep one hydrated. Thus, it becomes possible to keep up focus in the classroom. Drinking insufficient water could lead to malfunctioning of the body.

Sitting at the Front Bench could help:

This method can help to retain focus and motivation throughout the period. It can help students to get higher grades on examinations. That means one strategy can help in two ways.

One should be Active:

Interactions in the classroom are a great dose of motivation for students. Thus, it is possible to convert complicated topics into simple and interesting.

Keep Up a Proper Posture:

One should sit straight up in the classroom. It prevents from falling asleep. Moreover, having some exercise before starting off the period can also help. Taking a short walk, doing some jumping jacks or stretching can help one to stay awake.

Taking Notes can help as well:

How Long Does It Take To Fall Asleep - asleep in room

One can take notes throughout the period (wherever applicable) to keep up the focus. It helps one to remain active. Another great way to keep sleepiness at bay in the classroom is to take deep breaths. As a result, one can enhance oxygen levels in the body. It also alleviates blood pressure and boosts circulation. One should go to sleep early at night to wake up early with optimum freshness.

Easy Ways To Fall Asleep When Not Tired.

Some easy tips to fall asleep when not tired are as follows:

Alleviate The Temperature:

The body temperature alters once a person falls asleep. The body starts cooling down once a person lies down. However, body temperature increases with getting up. Therefore, falling asleep can become difficult if the room is rather warm. What is the solution? One can set the thermostat between 15.6–19.4°C to get relief from this situation.

Fixing a Sleep Schedule:

Creating a sleep schedule can help one to fall asleep without any trouble. The circadian rhythm is the regulatory system of the body. It is the internal clock that signals the body to stay alert throughout the day. It makes the body feel drowsy at night.

One can start searching for movies to fall asleep to, based on reviews. On the other hand, many podcasts to fall asleep to are there. Some of them include Slow Radio, Sleepy, 99% Invisible, and so on.

Do you know music can help to relax muscles? One can try out relaxing music to fall asleep to. Relaxing music can help one to fall asleep. Hence, “fall asleep hypnosis audio” can help. It is because human beings come with the power of self-hypnosis.

Why Do I Start Sweating When I Fall Asleep?

Many reasons can develop sweating after one falls asleep. It is time to talk about some reasons:

The Stress Level:

A feeling of stress or anxiety can cause problems like troubles with falling asleep. However, one can also face trouble in falling asleep once he/she wakes up at midnight.

Anxiety when trying to fall asleep is called sleep anxiety. Some people may go through stress about sleep deficiency. It harms their efficiency and productivity on day-to-day tasks. Moreover, the stress of efforts to fall asleep may develop even more sleep deficiency. You can also look for the best audiobooks to fall asleep to. Some of the options are Another Country, The Bluest Eye, Atonement, etc.

The Sleep Environment:

A comfortable sleep ambiance is a must requirement for a cozy sleep. However, it is essential to differentiate between overheating and coziness. Hot sleepers can opt for top-notch cooling mattresses to have a good night’s sleep.

Some Specific Medications:

Certain medications can impact some parts of the brain. These parts contribute to managing body temperature. Moreover, they also regulate the sweat glands of the body. Such medications include Antidepressants, Hypertension drugs, Antiretrovirals, etc.


Now, you know how long does it take to fall asleep? You are also familiar with the various causes of sleep disturbances. Also, you do know how to practice falling asleep within ten seconds. Furthermore, you also know some reasons for falling asleep after eating.

You have learned some simple tips for staying awake in the classroom. Moreover, the post also discusses the reasons for falling asleep during the reading. Some simple techniques are also there to fall asleep whenever one is not tired. Besides, some reasons for sweating during sleeping are also there.

Do you have any simple techniques to fall asleep faster? Do you know any special method to stay awake during working hours? Do share your thoughts.

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