The Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is a transparent, odourless and tasteless chemical substance that is abundant in the earth, forming about 71% per cent of it.

It is the source of life on earth, and all living creatures depend on it.

Water on earth can be either be salt water or fresh water that comes from the natural sources.

Most of the liquids we consume daily contain water and an average person is expected to drink a minimum of six glasses of water daily.

why you should drink water

Amount of water in our body is between 50-70 per cent; this shows that water plays a major role in our body.

Drinking water is essential to your body in the following ways.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water?

Most times you see when people are traveling away from home, the first thing they pack is water.

They do so because hydrating our bodies with water has several advantages.

Health researches show that drinking more water will make you live a healthy life. Following points explain the importance of water in our bodies:

  • Water helps balance the body fluids. Water balances the body fluids by lowering the hypertonic solutions back to isotonic and raising the hypotonic solutions to isotonic. Thus, making the body to function normally and prevent the bursting of blood vessels as a result of an imbalance in the body, which is caused by the dehydration of the body.
  • Water helps in facilitating and making body processes to occur properly. Body process such as digestion, absorption, circulation of blood, nutrients transportation, maintenance of body temperature, saliva production, digestive juices production and hormone production among many other body processes takes place softly with the presence of water. Water is the key raw material for these processes.
  • Water preventing kidney failure. The function of the kidney is to remove toxic substances from the body such as urea. These substances with the absence of water become so much concentrated that they destroy the cells resulting in kidney failure.absorbed in the large intestine
  • Water also helps to reduce constipation. When one takes small quantities of water and has taken hard food without roughage, the small quantities of water present in there gets absorbed in the large intestine, and the remaining hard waste is deposited in the bowel. This waste is not easily removed, thus resulting in constipation in the victim.
  • Water is also used in lubrication of the body parts that are always in motion, such as joints.

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Water For Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body covering the entire body externally and preventing the inner delicate tissues and organ from exposure to the environment.

The skin is 15 per cent of your total weight.

This shows having healthier skin is necessary for having a healthy body and that is why today we are focusing on skin today, to help you the way to live a healthy life.

Importance of water to the skin comprises:

  • Water maintains the moisture and elasticity of the skin. This helps to reduce skin injuries when it is exposed to pressure, and the moisture also helps in keeping and maintaining the natural beauty of the skin.
  • Water also prevents ageing of the skin. When your skin is kept moist, its elasticity is maintained, and this prevents the growth of facial lines and wrinkles on the skin.bacteria and fungi
  • Water removes all toxins on your body. The skin is the largest organ in your body and is exposed to the environment that makes virus, bacteria and toxic substances to penetrate inside. Your body through sweating eliminates all these harmful substances from your skin.
  • Water removes pimples and acne from your skin. Taking in more water helps in flushing the toxic substances that cause pimples and acne.
  • Water also maintains the pH of the skin. The suitable pH level that the skin should have is about 5.5, and water plays a major role in the maintenance of this level.

The Benefits Of Drinking Water for Hair

Most people usually ask themselves as for why some people have brown hair while others have black hair.

You find an old lady having beautiful black hair, while somebody at a medium age is having brown or grey hair, that is shaggy.

You might think that they provide special treatment to their hair, but no it is a result of the proper management of their hair.

Today we will see how to maintain the beauty of hairs by just using water.

  • Drinking more water improves the circulation of blood. Proper circulation of blood carries enough oxygen, enabling the hair to get enough oxygen and making them look healthy.
  • When you drink more purified water, it contains chlorine that kills all the pathogens present in your skin thus enabling hair to grow. In addition, chlorine breaks down protein end thus creating the material for hair formation.
  • Water makes your hairs soft as dry hair is coarse, static and prone to tangle and breakage, which makes your hair look shaggy and to get healthy hair
  • Water contains minerals, when somebody drinks water, the minerals present in the water are absorbed by the hair, making them strong and beautiful. Water helps in maintaining the natural beauty of hair.
  • When you use cold water to rinse your hair, it leaves your hair glossy and shiny. The cold temperature constricts the air and makes the strands smooth and more reflexive.
  • Ocean water contains red algae and sea lettuce which cleanses the hair without drying and leaves them strong and shiny black.
  • Using soft water to clean the hair maintains the color of the hair but using hard water makes your hair shaggy and brown.
  • Availability of water in the body facilitates the intake of vitamins, which is responsible for efficient hair growth and water makes 25 per cent of hair composition.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Water Than Above Mentioned?

Water has many natural health benefits for our bodies.

Drinking water is therefore important and makes our bodies function well during its daily activities.

Some health benefits of drinking water include:

  • Water removes or heals puffy eyes. Puffy eyes occur because of the body being dehydrated so consuming more water will help in lessening dehydration that will make your look sparkly and clear.
  • Water also makes brittle nails soft. Nails become brittle because the body is more dehydrated. Consuming more water helps to make the nails soft and retain their colour from white to normal. Brittle nail breaks every time, and sometimes they peel off also.
  • Water makes the muscles healthy. When more water accumulates in the muscle tissues, it helps them to remove the toxic substances that are formed in the tissues during respiration. Therefore, water helps or reduces the occurrence of muscle cramps.what does water do for the body
  •  Water helps in the maintenance and regulation of body temperatures. The liver plays a major role together with the skin in the regulation of the body temperature, but water is the main factor that helps them achieve this.
  • Keeps the digestive system normal. Water prevents the walls of the stomach against the harmful chemicals that are produced to digest the food present in the digestive system.
  • Water has a major role in your body and is a constituent of all the fluids that perform different functions in the body. Make sure you drink water daily for you to have a healthy life.

How To Purify Water To Drink?

There are several ways to purify water today.

We have methods that are advanced while others are less advanced.

Here we have discussed a few methods you can use to purify water at home. They include:

  • Boiling water helps to purify both temporary and permanent water hardness which will soften the hard water and make it ready for consumption. Boiling water also destroys all the bacteria and pathogens. You should only boil water to be used within the day because it will start smelling if it overstays for more than 48 hours. Remember to keep it in a covered container in a cool place to prevent bacteria from coming into contact with the boiled water.
  • Filter water using artificially manufactured filters or locally made filters using net or sack clothes. Using locally manufactured filters is less efficient and cannot filter smaller particles, and they also cannot trap the bacteria and viruses present in water. Artificially manufactured filters have extra small pores that trap particles of all sizes as well as the bacteria present in water. After filtering water remember to store it in a properly cleansed container.
  • You can also purify water by use of chemicals such as Aluminum sulphate or chlorine. Aluminium sulphate makes the lighter particles that are suspended within the water to settle down and therefore they can be separated through decantation.

Remember always not to store water in containers with drinks such as milk and juice, they settle down and allow bacteria growth on them thus making the water unsuitable for drinking.


drinking water benefitsWater is more beneficial to our health and bodies in general but should not be consumed in excess because it will lead to a rare condition that is known as hyponatremia.

Drinks such as alcohol, coffee, cola and alcohol although they are made from water but should not be taken in place of water.

Alcohol is a dehydrating agent and removes water from the body.

Coffee also is a diuretic and excess of it can worsen your body condition because it brings imbalance between the body fluids unlike water, which helps in balancing them.

Water helps in keeping the condition of your body healthy, maintains the natural beauty of your skin and also helps in keeping your hair black and beautiful.

Make sure you consume water every day but not in excess.

Clean water is better for your health and always remember to use clean bottles and containers to store your water for drinking and be aware of the source of water before you consume it.

Our environment is more beautiful and life-supporting when it has a high percentage of unpolluted and fresh water.

Avoid all the activities that will contaminate or pollute the available clean water. Avoid water pollution today and save lives tomorrow.

Have a Nice Day With Superb Drink of Water!

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