Work From Home Jobs 2020- Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

What is your feeling about success? Earnings $10/day? $100/day? $1,000/day, or more? According to my past experience and knowledge, Each success is entirely possible truth depends on your efforts, not others. We provide all facilities and supports. If you have more efforts and dedication, success can take near your feet. And this Affiliate Marketing Jobs from Wealthy Affiliate review will change your future life.

By participating in this site, you can get,

  1. Essential training on Web Designing,  Keyword Research, and Content Writing
  2. The SEO (On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO) Training
  3. Affiliate Marketing Training (Product Promoting)
  4. Useful tools for online business ( Domain, Webhosting, Content Editor, Grammer, and Unique Content Checker)
  5. The more important thing ( community help and  Site support (Technical Errors))

More and More ….. Keep up to the end of this review.

From the Wealthy Affiliate site to all those facilities, you can take and get full advantage of your business with your membership.

But, By joining as a starter member (free ) you can test some a few facilities. Thereafter, be a wealthy affiliate premium member within 7 days (first-month fee 19$). Awesome!,  then, you can facilitate all those facilities for your business.

But, If you are willing to be a member of Premium Plus, marvelous!!!…., King of facilities you can get from Wealthy Affiliate that never you expect from any company such a price (First-month fee 49$)

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

According to the site news, every single day, we can hear about more SUCCESS STORIES of the new member. Actually, there is NO LIMIT to YOUR SUCCESS or earning if you want,  you can achieve them and you can do it with your efforts.  But, you have to keep a continuous target with a mindset on it. And if you are like do hard work, you like to earn more. You can surely reach your achievement. You can learn everything about online business with high quality facilities.

If you are happy with this information, you can join here.

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

Or if you are not happy, you will go through this Wealthy Affiliate review 2020, you can see it within your eyes before the end of this page.

I expect to review “Is the Wealthy Affiliate SCAM or LEGIT or WORTH for your online business”?

Wealthy Affiliate SCAM or LEGIT?

Either, if you think or discuss with your close friends, this review will be better support for you; it is your argument.

Wealthy Affiliate Community Support

Then, I suggest you read until the end of my study review. And check it on some Social Media websites and forums too regarding this Wealthy Affiliate worth for you to start a business.

If you have any hesitation about Wealthy Affiliate LEGIT or SCAM, no argument, on that matters. Shall we go through until the end? I will show you everything.

I know, you need trust information about Wealthy Affiliate review. This will help you to make a better decision.  And you are in the RIGHT PLACE with a good MINDSET to make such a decision. Then, I can help you to get the correct decision NOW for your long journey.

So, throughout this review, I will walk you through to provide complete Wealthy Affiliate FEATURES, PRODUCTS, TRAINING, and SERVICES. So, I will provide the PROS and CONS of those products and services.

Let’s Think, Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

In this review, I trust you, I will give you my exact point of views and legit information throughout this page. I convince you, according to my survey, and let you know if Wealthy Affiliate scam or a legit and worth for your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate ScamFirst, I would like to mention, I am working as an affiliate marketer with more than five years of experience in this field. But, by joining with the Wealthy Affiliate Network is more than two years.

And Also, I need to make awareness you all, for this review in the spirit of full transparency,” I will use affiliate links to join you. And I will provide everything on  Is the Wealthy Affiliate worth for your online business or best work from home on Wealthy Affiliate ”. Because no one needs to keeps any doubt about that.

That means if you join as a member through these links, it will help your business on how to make money online and work from home. Don’t Get afraid about, you NEVER have to pay any Extra COST from your pocket through these links. It is a simple deal with Wealthy Affiliate and me only.


I think you know many companies offer a commission for promoting their products and services with affiliate marketing. This is one of the ways of affiliate marketing. But I genuinely mention that and think this review will give ADDITIONAL VALUE for you to get an idea on how to make money online with the Wealthy Affiliate.

For complete understanding, I will provide a full disclaimer here. OK. Keep with me.

Wealthy Affiliate General Overview

  • Website:
  • Company name:  Wealthy Affiliate
  • Co-Owners:  Kyle & Carson
  • Founded:  2005
  • Products/services: Domain, Web Hosting, Training (Live), Community Support (Live)
  • Price For Join: Free Starter – Premium member and premium plus member (Details later)
  • Suitable for:  Anybody who wants/interest to build a successful online business (newbies, affiliate markers, online entrepreneurs, Youtubers, etc.)
  • How Your Today Rating: 98/100
  • Recommended: Of course Anyone.
  • My recommendation to you: This review on Wealthy Affiliate is not one of the other types of sales pitches or not promotion advertisements like others. This is an honest and most fabulous review to let you know and make a decision if it is a legit and trustworthy company.

If you are happy with this information, you can join here

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

Actually, This is why I try to explain the most enormous help you to make a better understanding of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I will continue my review of what you get inside from this great site.

Great! Now, Let’s go inside!!!

Wealthy Affiliate and Inside Information.

This is a simple snap what the level of Wealthy Affiliate is currently;

Best Work From Home Jobs - 15 years experience

By this image, you can see 15 years of experience in this field and 195 countries are working with this site.  And more than 8 million people or members work as premium members. More than 10000+ businesses are providing for the world economy.  More than 1800+ business experts are here. Daily, 32000+ people and more get help from the community of Wealthy Affiliate.

History of Wealthy Affiliate

It started in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, who are owners. The Wealthy Affiliate is a great web host company and it is an online training platform for online people.

This is an online entrepreneur support community platform. All over the world entrepreneurs are join with this platform and they help other newly joiners while doing their business. The following are fewer of them.

Really, It has an excellent online training platform for affiliate marketers who are newbies. Or they are an advanced affiliate marketer. No matter, on this platform, Kyle, Carson, and Jay their fullest support will get all the members in every time. This is because this training platform called a wealthy affiliate university:

  1. There is no argument, this may help you to be advanced and get in-depth knowledge about affiliate marketing or any kind of business
  2. And, you can learn how to build an effective online business.  And grow a long-term business with additional income, in any profitable niches such as healthcare, weight loss, business, SEO, Webhosting, etc..

If you are happy with this information, you can join here

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

Further, this offers the most powerful web hosting service for your business and It has a great and helpful community where it can create a network with entrepreneurs-minded personnel. All the community is supportive and giving hands to you at any time to go up to your business.

  1. Learn How To SEO – It’s EASY!
  2. How to Youtube Yourself to Success!
  3. How to Properly Set-up Authorship & the Benefits
  4. How to Install Google Analytics Using the All in One SEO Plugin

And many more…..

Wealthy Affiliate Community Support

What kind of  Products and Services does Wealthy Affiliate Offer For Your Business

To the success of the Online business (Web Site) on the internet requires the main key elements:

1. Are There Up to Date Knowledge And Experience? Yes

You have to learn the relevant field to make money online. No matter, if you are at any knowledge level. There is core training. Then, you have to continue your work by learning. This up to date knowledge and experience provides and shares among the members of the wealthy affiliate community network.

2. Are There Adequate Tools? Yes

The key tools of the business,  you need to use for your online business are as follows:
A WEBSITE (WordPress Web design platform, 30Gb SiteRubix storage platform, page speed analyzing tool and site review tool)

A DOMAIN NAMES (free domain and paid domain support tool)

An Excellent Web Page Writing Platform ( checking duplicate content)

Keyword Research Tool (, Top-rated keyword research tool in the world)

3. Can I Collect Site Feedbacks? Yes

It reviews and comments For the website pages ( To get web page reviews, feedbacks, suggestion, and comments for quality development of CONTENT and LAYOUT)

4. Community Support

It uses for the motivation of each member by sharing information about each member’s achievements. It provides a powerful platform to create concrete relationships among the members and make a powerful network.

These elements and tools will lead up to your unlimited success. And then, this will totally affect your success in the best work from home jobs.Success from Wealthy Affiliate

The Features on Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Wealthy Affiliate FeaturesBased on the above picture, all the key features can expect for you from the Wealthy Affiliate. According to the details I mentioned to you, this is true, and Sure.

OK, let’s go to find which facilities the Wealthy Affiliate offers for us. When you go through this best work from home jobs post, you will able to know, why I am now telling you is my concept true or false. Following supportive all tools are available for premium members.

More Supportive Tools For Online Business That You Can Get From Wealthy Affiliate

#1. Web Hosting on Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Best Work From Home Jobs - webhosting serviceWealthy Affiliate is providing world number one WordPress hosting facilities with combining SiteRubix like WordPress web hosting on Bluehost. When we consider buying a web hosting service, we should focus on a number of features from the hosting company and it offers from Wealthy Affiliate. They are,

  • Amount Of Disk/Storage Space (30GB from WA)
  • Web Hosting Bandwidth Limit (500K Visitors/month from WA)
  • Number Of Add-On Domains Facility (Yes on WA)
  • Average Page Load Time 1.3 Seconds
  • Uptime Of The Web Hosting Company (24/7 Access to Server Admins)
  • On-Site Speed (Amazon c3.large (faster))
  • Security (SSL free)
  • 24×7 Customer Support (Yes)
  • Pre-Installed Apps Features (WordPress)
  • Regular Website Backup Service (Daily Website Backups)

In this review, you can get a full idea about the web hosting service of Wealthy Affiliate. The co-owners of the Wealthy Affiliate, are Kyle and Carson who know what the best hosting service is and how they provide to their customers. So, they provide more reliable and super-fast web hosting services for their customers.

2020 Updates on Wealthy Affiliate Review

You will be able to create a new MAXIMUM of 10 WordPress Websites that can use for each business with all the same facilities.

Further, Wealthy Affiliate offers more fast Amazon c4.large dual service cloud hosting servers. And It is one of the fastest hosting servers in the world.

Comparison chartNow shall we turn to some features that available for you with your premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate:

Free SSL Certification on WA:  Very essential for any website published on the internet. Because Google penalizes many unsecured sites and Google chrome browser also not support unsecured websites too (HTTP to HTTPS protocol for website)

But, today, some of the more hosting companies charge additionally for this feature from their customers as an extra cost. But, happy to tell about, Wealthy Affiliate offers it for totally free for premium members.

How Backups Service on WA: I proud to say about Wealthy Affiliate back up service based on my experience. Your website backups every day by minimizing any technical issues from the outsiders.

And also, especially Kyle explains on Bootcamp training, how to do you backup your site yourself. This is because, in my opinion, you never worry about losing the data or your work on your website.

What is the Site Health Analyzing: On the Wealthy Affiliate, there is a more important to check site health. Which one of the important features that allow you to get after be a premium member.

And it provides you to perceive what area should analyze and either, it should need or not improve. Following two sites health can compare how to get ideas from the site health analyzing.

Now I suggest you create a free account and test these feature are true of false

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

  • Site Health Needs to Improve.

Wealthy Affiliate Review- site health analyzing

  • Site Health is Pretty Good

Wealthy Affiliate Review - site health is good

Web Site Loading Speed: Average Loading Speed 1.3 Seconds.  This feature is the most enormous to ranks your site, and will better experience a website for the visitors. Because the visiters reach more your website, if it has a fast loading facility on your website for desktop computers and especially mobile devices too.

What Is This Site Manager: WA has a site manager feature it supports to manage your every website in one location. And its functionality of already mentioned above and some more, you can see here.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - the Site manager

 How to Double Hosting Facility: WA provides a double hosting service for every member’s website as a security purpose. So, the website has full redundancy, which means, if one of our sites is stopped for some reason, Wealthy Affiliate has a mirror website running at all times it will swap in, instantly as fast reaction to not working websites.

So, WA has hosted two copies of the same website same time. This is because WA provides a smooth interface to work for every member without having any case, such as hacking or damaging.

Can I Host Multiple Websites: Yes, you allow to host up to 10 websites for any business with free and paid domains only for premium members. But, free members can host one website as starters members.

Can I check those facilities on Wealthy Affiliate? Yes,

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

#2. Web Site Domains Facility On It.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Domain Service on Wealthy AffiliateAmong the many domain name service providers, Wealthy Affiliate is an Accredited domain name service providing companies like, Namecheap, GoDaddy etc.

As well as there are more other companies that also have domain name service facilities that you may know about it. As an important, there are no upsells system, Only from WA as a domain service provider with other companies.

Also, with such domain name facilities, Wealthy Affiliate site offers you the following additional feature free of charge.

Email Accounts Based On You Domain: As an online business user, blogger, social media or any online tools or services, there should be email addresses like “” to allow contact with your customers. This is because one of the essentialities of email accounts for an online business or to get online service.

WHOIS Privacy Service Available on WA: As an online service or online business, WHOIS privacy services are a significant add on service for them. Because everybody doesn’t like to open their privacy details such as name, email address, phone number, paying methods,  etc. on the web.

The following image says Wealthy Affiliate, Godaddy, Namecheap, and Name sites provide domains with additional features. But, except Wealthy Affiliate, all other sites charge extra cost for those features.

wealthy affiliate review - Wealthy Affiliate Domain Compare

So, the WHOIS privacy service protects your information from displaying on the Internet, especially for unintended people of spammers, scammers, competitors, etc.
So, the Wealthy Affiliate provides you domain security service and premium DNS name service at without extra cost, unlike other companies. Thus, you can see above Wealthy Affiliate domain services and price compared to others.

#3. WebSite Builder Platform and Storage Service  (Site Rubix)

Wealthy Affiliate provides one of the best web site building facilities by helping with SiteRubix. It offers facilities to Build Stunning Websites withing 30 seconds.

Wealthy Affiliate Webhosting with SiteRubixAnd SiteRubix is a more trusted and more powerful WordPress based site builder platform.

Which has a complete set of tasks to help all, even those who are newbies for website building. It helps to build a very nice website with a few clicks in a few minutes.

According to my experience, I have never seen such an instant and more beautiful website builder. This is more support for the people who are new to this field.

Indeed,  after joining with WA, I can create a website very easily and instantly, as SiteRubix platform these tasks are so comfortable, those credits and my thank to SiteRubix site builder platform developed

#4. Best Keyword Research Tool on WA

 Jaaxy is one of the world’s best keyword research tools. We can not find any other web host company provides for their customers to such keywords tool for free of charge.Wealthy Affiliate Review - Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

But, Wealthy Affiliate offers for you to get keywords by this Jaaxy research tool free of charge on the Jaaxy lite account.

  1. I will give you a simple explanation, how to find a keyword using the Jaaxy keyword tool.

This Jaaxy keyword tool is an online tool that helps to find the keywords based on your selected niches or any fields.

Content developers, they want to find keywords to develop SEO friendly content for their online businesses. Those who have an idea of what their audience is searching.

And how they find out my content and which search phrase should use in my content to quickly and easily find out my content through search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

This tool will help you to find a keyword-based on your niche. And which niches base keywords will help you write the SEO friendly content.

Finally, that collection of SEO friendly articles will lead your website on search engines. That is more support to rank your web pages on the first page of the search engines.

#5. Site Contents Creator

 This is another most essential tool to create content that offers by WA for the premium members. It has content develop templates such as about me, privacy policy, affiliate disclosure, hosting review, and keyword-rich content page.

wealthy affiliate review - content analyse

This content creator supports you in inserting images, checking grammar and spelling, adding hyperlinks, bullet, and numbers, and changing your content heading as H1, H2, and H3 types.

Additionally, it supports you,

  1. Check out duplicate content.
  2. Publish your content to your WordPress website directly.
  3. Set up a writing goal and it can track by words and posts.
  4. Find and check your SEO score (published content indexed or not)
  5. Find your content structure
  6. Allow you to create custom content templates
  7. Vocabulary enhancement and suggestions
  8. You can check your writing statistics

Now, we have completed a review of the important tools more valuable for online businesses that offer by Wealthy Affiliate. And now shall we turn what kind of training facilities are available on members who are premium or free members.

Available Training 

The most important thing is training that provides by Wealthy Affiliate. If you are new to online businesses, or if you know a little of online businesses, this will be a more critical part of every one of you. Because this review explains my own experience.

I also had little knowledge of online business to make money online. But, really I learn more after joining with WA, what is the finding the profitable niches, affiliate marketing, what is the Adsense, Adword, social media marketing, and so on.

I especially thank Kyle and Jay who are training us and giving the best suitable things for using for our online business.

Actually, I had experienced with little knowledge, but, I learn everything about this online business clearly and step by step from this WA university. Really, I salute to the total team of WA developers especially Kyle and Carson.

They lead and guide us to add a real path. The following training starts from free members to premium members. Following 1 to 10 Online Entrepreneur Certification training available for free members too.

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Kyle is the co-owner who trains us in this certification series. And he teaches us this online entrepreneur certification training by broken down into 5 series of course.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

And those each 5 series, of course, contains 10 lessons in which there are several tasks have to complete. And this is an interactive course which more useful because it allows learners to learn and apply at the same time.

Mainly, the aim of this series of training is to help you to build and improve your knowledge and will support you to grow your online business. This is not considering whatever the niche you are going to develop. That means the series of the certification course is totally provided to develop the core-concept of online business.

Online Entrepreneur Certification-image

Following is a composition of the first series of course “Getting started”. This available for starter members that means, it available for free members too.

The following are the other four sets of training series of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

  1. What is the Affiliate Bootcamp Training on WA?

In the WA dashboard, you can find the Bootcamp training. For the easiness of the training, it broke down by Kyle into several parts. How it subdivides?, the Affiliate Bootcamp training divides into 7 phases and each phase contains 10 lessons with important to do tasks at the end of each lesson. Finally, you learned 70 lessons from Affiliate Bootcamp training.

So, which tasks allow learners to practice what they learned from the lessons.

Wealthy Affiliate Bookcamp Training

The main objective of this training the guide and teach you how to establish a profitable niche-related business. And how to promote and rank your business on google and other search engines. Same time product review training is here for affiliation and its promotion too.

Bootcamp training-image

The following couple of images is the composition of the first phase training called “Getting Your Business Rolling” of this Affiliate Bootcamp training with activities

However, the first phase of this training is available even for starters members.

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes in the first phase

  • Understand the WA Affiliate Program Opportunity
  • How to Set and Reach Extraordinary Affiliate Goals
  • Learn How You Can Meet Us in Vegas next year!
  • How to Share Content Within Wealthy Affiliate and Earn
  • Finding and Creating a Successful “Authority” Style Domain
  • Creating a Massively Successful WA Affiliate Campaign

Same way, there are 7 phrases of 70 lessons. The following are the main training concepts of the other 6 courses, this is only available for premium members.

  • Content, keyword, and conversion
  • Giving your site social value
  • Get visual. Get Aesthetic. Brand through Media
  • Knowing your audience & Catapulting your referrals
  • Bing, Yahoo & the power of PPC
  • How to scale successful PPC campaigns
  1. Live Training from magistudios (Jay) and Kyle

  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Keyword Researching
  • Finding Profitable Niches
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Engagement
  • Local SEO & Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Content Writing
  • Google Configurations, Analytics, Search Console, Adword, Adsense, and Google My Business
  • And many other topics, etc.

 From this live training (webinar) Wealthy Affiliate provides you to access live video classes on different topics. It may more support you to a range of different purposes of helping.

Live Training

It helps you to develop an online business and continue a productive online discussion. Such video courses you can get every Friday of the week. It is available for all premium members.

However, if you are unable to join the live class, no problem,  there is a possibility to watch all the videos later. Because those all videos have stored on the platform based on the date category. And, then you can watch them whenever you want in your free time.

  1. Another Important Training is Community Training

 Community training is vital training because, if you have knowledge in any relevant area you also can create training. This training will support other members in the Wealthy affiliate network especially newbies.

Sametime, this is the best opportunity to share your knowledge among others. And, then, you can earn credit by such training from the place where the wealthy affiliate has given for all premium members.

This training facility is very useful for all members because this community training portal allows sharing among the members who have a wide range of knowledge. So, I am saying honestly, and truly, you can find all kinds of support, training, information, and knowledge on this fantastic platform for your business.

I’m sharing some different examples of these kinds of training. And then, if you want, you can find those training from the platform by their profile page.

OK, We reviewed the main important training courses that offer from the Wealthy Affiliate for you. That training is specialized training you, because, you are newbies to this Wealthy affiliate network. Those are very basic concepts based on online business.  Now shall we move on to what else facilities can get from this platform?

Wealthy Affiliate Supports and Helper Centre.

Site Support Or Technical Support

WA support CentreThis site support allows WA members to get help when something technically goes wrong with their website. Actually, this is appreciable support with the Wealthy Affiliate technical team for their promptness.

According to my experience, this team provides a great deal with WA members to solve their web site technical problems as soon as request. So, this team is highly appreciated form the WA member for their instant technical solutions.

  1. Live Chat Interface

This one is another best place to share experience and direct answering and questioning from the community. You can chat with your general information too. But, it is not generous; time is more important for your online business. So, use this place to answer your important unsolvable questions with the community.

From this place, you can

– Ask questions and get answers as soon as possible,

-Talk about your business and niche and get advice,

-Talk about the improvement of your business

2. Community Support

According to the interface says,  “ask questions and get answers from the community.” This place is important for you and others too. Because, If you have a question, you can create and publish to the community.

Then, some of the experienced members can provide answers to it. Then, it will see more different answers or best suite answer from the members. This will benefit you and others who have questions like you.

Old members will help you by answering your questions, and even Kyle is active in here to answer you.

3. Private Message Service

This service is private messages that allow you to contact any WA member secretly. For example, if you have a question, a help, or a private message, you can send through private message service to anyone you expect to communicate. Even Kyle and Carson can contact through this private message.

Finally, I think I provide a complete set of information on my promise. I introduced you, the great family of Wealthy Affiliate and its facilities, as it stands.

Additionally, I summarise the Wealthy Affiliate best service for your online business.

1.Essential Tools to build and grow your business.
– Web Hosting Service
– Free and Paid Domain Name Registration
– Amazing Keyword Research Tool
– Best Site Content Creator

2. Necessary Training offers for you to develop business
– Online Entrepreneurs Certification Courses ( 50 lessons)
– Affiliate Bootcamp Courses (70 lessons)
– Jay’s Live Class Weekly Offer for You
– More Different Community Training

I never seen such marvelous services provide for their members to start and grow their business for minimum cost. Then, at this time, another query rises against the total service above.

Then, you also asking the question about yourself is: how do all services, knowledge, and training will cost for me?. Now, shall we move on a cost for membership on Wealthy Affiliate?

Premium Membership Cost

 How many membership plans are there in Wealthy affiliate? There are  two membership plans:

  • Starter membership
  • Premium membership

There is no cost for Starter membership ($0).


Premium membership costs $19 only for the first month. But,  then the cost for $49 per month from the second month.  But, if you like to get yearly premium membership is the cost for $495 per year

What important things can available for a starter member or free member.

free members access facility

Wealthy Affiliate Login Page

You can create a free account in a very easy way by filling the following form.

create a free account

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

As a free member on WA, you can access the following facilities,

  1. You allow creating 2 websites with free two domains using the very famous website builder of SiteRubix flatform.
  2. You can access the following training, then you can learn the basics of how to build a successful online business.

What are they;

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification 5 courses with 50 lessons
  • Affiliate Bootcamp training 7 courses with 70 lessons.

But, only you allow training as a free member with level one course of 10 lessons of it.

  1. You can join with to WA members and chat with them and, especially, the core-founder of WA, Kyle, and Carson too. During these 7 days as a free member from the first day,  you can ask questions, chat with Kyle and Carson and other premium members. During these days, you promote, motivate, and guide you by Kyle and Carson to join as a premium member to facilitate fantastic facilities available on the Wealthy Affiliate network.
  2. Advanced Keyword research tool of Jaaxy (30 research) which helps you to find keywords. And it will support you to write a keyword-rich content. Then it will rank your content on the Google search engine and others too.

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

If I telling, in a nutshell, as a free member, you can check and test products and services on WA before you upgrade as a premium account.

Premium membership with Amazing Facilities.

If you take a premium membership, you allow accessing all tools and services on WA. You can create free 10 websites with free domains and 10 websites with paid domains or top-level domains. It means you can create 10 websites with a premium membership.

And you have full access to all training conducted by WA. Then you allow to network with others all members in the WA community, and many more facilities offer for you. First, you have to create a free account, then you can upgrade to premium within 7 days.

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

Really, According to this review, you can think, is your investment worth it?

I tell you, your investment is totally worth it.

Now I Am Going To Explain How And Why?

According to my knowledge and experience, to succeed in any business, we need better support from the knowledge and experienced people at the right time for the right way. It may any kind of business such as online or a physical business.

And at the same time, you need to step by step guide, support, tasks, and discussions interactively at the right level of business. And you need feedback, comments, and reviews about your business at different locations in the world.

Such marvelous service provider one and only at Wealthy Affiliate. So, you need not worry about anything. You can keep more confidence in the success of the business.

Even, you selected your right place for business and all the services and facilities there, But, you have good confidence and effort to reach your success in the business. You are the right person to achieve this target.

Because you have on your right side, like-minded entrepreneurs to help you grow your own business. Such as you are the BOSS of your own business.

Little Bit About The Training You Get From WA

Daily new training uploads to Wealthy Affiliate platform with updated information on online businesses. Therefore, you don’t want to find additional information or updates on an online business.

That means you can use and facilitate everything from this platform to create a successful online business. Only you want to keep in touch on the platform every time.

Everything in one place that means, you can save your time, money, and energy. No extra efforts, no extra time-wasting to find more.

The Best Work From Home Jobs on My Affiliate Business On WA?

According to the full review of the above, I would like to tell the Wealthy affiliate is not a scam, it is a legit company. You also have convinced Wealthy Affiliate is not a scamming site, it is a totally legit company for you.

Now,  shall we go to create a free account on a wealthy affiliate?  So, get started now with a starter member.

create a free account

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

It’s easy to start your business with Wealthy Affiliate.

By filling the above application form, and click on the “Go to My Account” button. You can create a starter account.

Then, you will receive an email message by asking your confirmation about your registration. Then, you click the confirmation link to validate your registered account.

Once you login to WA, you can see your dashboard. Then, setup your profile: upload a profile picture and give a short description “who you are?”.

Wealthy affiliate dashboard

And, then now you can start your affiliate career as a starter member. Then, several times, Kyle and Carson will contact you on how to set up your business and niche as well.

People From Many Countries

  • It started in 2005, But, Since 2018, many people from countries joining and start their business. But, more little countries such as
  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria

From these countries, people don’t do business with Wealthy Affiliate.

But very happy to say, since April 2019, this countries restriction has been lifted by asking to join with WA. So, I would like to say, if you are one of the above countries, this is the most important opportunity to join WA.

Try your best and you can create a starter account and be a premium member of it by upgrading your starter membership. Thus, you don’t need to bank account or credit card information to pay on it, use your Paypal account for payments.

But, sorry to say about Nigerian people who are not allowed to create a premium account with WA from Nigeria. But, still not to mention about a starter account. However, You don’t need to decide, Wealthy Affiliate is a scam company.

It is a totally legit company and we are still waiting for joining as a premium member from Nigeria. I think as soon as possible, it allows us to give permission if you are from Nigeria.

Can I Use Wealthy Affiliate Platform For Business?

Yes, of course, the Wealthy Affiliate platform can use for anybody to build a successful online business based on their essentiality.

If you have an idea to do business to earn extra money online. This is the most important platform to build your own online business. Wealthy Affiliate will your favorite place for building an online business.

I Have No Any Experience For Doing Online Business

No matter,  you are a newbie to do online business. Or you haven’t more skills in website building or computer knowledge. This platform trains you in all the ways that you need to develop.

The range from the Online Entrepreneur Certification training to other all training they provide. They can help you build your own online business, and scale it to a current online business development level.

Especially, this total WA family helps the people who want to learn how to create a successful website or blog and maintain their website. Sametime they help to make money. This may depend on your efforts, interest, working power, and capacity.

Really, according to my experience, this platform is also providing a reliable and trustworthy web hosting facility combining with SiteRubix company.  That will keep their websites alive 24/7 with reducing down power to zero.

This platform can use for members of those who need to network with other members of this Wealthy Affiliate family. And then,  this important for them who have the same interest and essentiality as respectively.

Then, the Wealthy Affiliate is stored all live training tutorials and they are lasting for members who want to access later.

Why are many people in Wealthy Affiliate?

Especially, many people like to earn extra money for their family. So, from the members of WA,  those who had a fulltime job, but not more money. So, the decision was made by them.

And some of them are fed up with 95% of their full-time job. Because they want to start their own online business to earn extra money as passive income.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Working Full Time?

Really, yes, not need to extra justification. WA works properly without discontinuously. Indeed, I have 3 years experience and some of the members have more than 14 years’ experience.

They explain, WA never cut down their service and several millions of online entrepreneurs are actively working on the Wealthy Affiliate network. Actually, we appreciate their most important tools and services.

While I explain, you can think, all the things correct and works.  But, I would like to tell you all the success does not expect to become overnight. So, it will take more time and effort and you should devote your time and energy to hard work up to success.

Work From Home Jobs Success Stories

Yes, Let’s see examples of success stories on WA:


Wealthy Affiliate Review-littlemama-successtory

Wealthy affiliate review-EddySalomon-successstory

To Join With Wealthy Affiliate FreeWealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

 Are Their Any Motivation Blogs For The Wealthy Affiliate Members?

Of course there, I will list for your

OK, I explained all the information about the Wealthy Affiliate review. Now, you also know about that and what can do from this site. But, you have more different questions; I don’t know

  • How to start a profitable business?
  • How can I find a profitable niche?
  • How to find an SEO friendly domain?
  • How to find long-tail keywords and LSI keywords?
  • How to find an SEO friendly, responsive, fast loading speed WordPress theme?
  • What is the thing should I configure on my site?

Yes, You can learn everything on the online business, after joining with WA. And you have to participate in the training too.

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

Still, you wonder of WA,  if it is a scam or a legit company? I don’t think so, now you know everything about it.

Now You Trust with Details

Yes, my answer is the same Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It is a legitimate and more supportive company that helps you to build a successful online business. And it provides the necessary training to develop business.

And Also, WA has been online to support a starter of online business for 15 years. According to my logical proof,  you think, is Wealthy Affiliate scam?, but, WA never builds confidence among the people for 15 years a long time to up to now, If it is a scam. Then, you can understand my logical proof.

My suggestion is, don’t you serious about starting a business. Start a free and just think this will additional income for your family. This will totally free for starter members and no need credit card or bank account to upgrade your membership.

Bottom Message Form me.

Special thanks to you. You read my review understand my suggestion with logically. I suggest this will be a long term business and a significant investment for your future life.

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Beginners

So, I suggest if you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate?

Feel free to contact me by putting it down!

And, If you have any experience and additional information than this on WA, please join with me to share it by leaving a comment it down. I highly appreciate your support.

I think you trust with my review and request for any action or step on business, you will reach the top of the business. And then, I suggest If you like this wealthy affiliate review, don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends as soon as possible.

Do an ACTION today not TOMORROW,

                                                            You will be the highest level in the future


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