Top 04 Weight-Loss Techniques for the Upper Abdominal Area

Upper Belly Fat Techniques

Belly fat, particularly in the upper abdomen area, is a typical cause of irritation for many people. All of the crunches and planks in the world won’t be able to help you to strengthen if you have weak abdominal muscles. However, there may still be a coating of fat present. ´╗┐The location of extra fat storage … Read more

Weighted Or Bodyweight Ab Workouts

Weighted Ab Workouts

The weighted ab workouts are good at making the exercises more intense. As such they make you develop your muscles faster than the bodyweight ab workouts. In this article, there are different ab workouts that you can do to develop and strengthen your ab muscles. There are ab workouts for men at home, dumbbell workouts, … Read more

Are Weighted Decline Sit Ups Good For Your Body Health?

Weighted Sit Ups

There are a lot of sit-ups variations that you can do to deal with your abs. This article gives detailed instructions of how to do weighted sit ups. It gives variations of weighted sit-ups such as using different types of weights. In addition to that, the article discusses the muscles that you work when doing … Read more