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Impacts Of Belly Fat And Overweight On Your Health

Impacts Of Belly Fat And Overweight Obesity

This is a complex medical disorder caused by the accumulation of excessive body fat in the human body.

Belly fat

This refers to the fat accumulated in the stomach or abdomen area of the body.


This refers to the state whereby an individual has a lot of weight that ends up making him or her feel uncomfortable.

The conditions explained above can be very destructive apart from making one feel uncomfortable.

At first one may ignore but with time the effects or the disadvantages will start to exhibit themselves. Their effects run all the way from mental, physiologically to even physical in nature.

Thus, it is very important for one to be aware of the effects and disadvantages that are brought with these disorders.

This will help individuals to understand how to handle those affected and infected. It will also enable one to distance himself or herself from such conditions.

Whereas we shall be more focused on the disadvantages and effects of these conditions, we shall also look at some causes and some possible solutions to these problems.

Signs That You Have Developed Belly Fat.

what causes excessive sweating

There are things that an individual might be experiencing and he/she ignores not knowing that they are an alarm for the checking of one’s weight and health in general. Below are some signs of a person who is overweight or obese:

  • Breathlessness if one feels difficulty in breathing or feels instances of a moment without breathing at all. He or she should not assume but rather should be more concerned and seek medical advice for this might be a sign of obesity or overweight.
  • Increased sweating of an individual – this may be because the body tends to release the excess fat outside the body.
  • Too loud and much of snoring should not be ignored for it might be as a result of difficulties in the respiratory system of an individual which might be as a result of overweight.
  • The inability to cope with sudden physical activities might also be a sign of overweight and obesity since the individual is unable to manage his or her body.
  • The feeling of being tired on a daily basis can also be as a result of too much fat in the body that hinder the normal functioning of the body systems, these should not be ignored or seen as a normal occurrence.
  • The feeling of back and joint pains should also not be assumed for this might be caused by the overweight that is being exerted on the joints.
  • The feeling of being very thirsty frequently; this might be due to the excessive fat present in the body which are then accumulating more water in the body through active transport.
  • Going to the toilet a lot especially during the night might also be a sign of obesity.
  • Medical practitioners have advised that for a well fit body, the waist size should not be more than half the size of one’s height. If this happens then it is a cause for alarm.

When you see these symptoms know you are developing belly fat or you are developing obesity.

So you have to do something to rectify the situations.

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Things That Will Make You Develop Belly Fat.

There are things that are unavoidable that cause or make you develop belly fat which to an extreme end you will be suffering from obesity, just like genetic inheritance.

Nevertheless, there are things are avoidable if care is taken.

  • Genetics inheritance may result to the development of belly fat

    If, in any case, one has a family member or had a family member who had the condition of obesity, he or she is likely to have the condition too. Genetics influence the hormone responsible for regulations of fat in the body.

  • Those who have reach menopause may be at risk of developing belly fat or obesity

    This condition happens about one year after a woman had her last periods. During puberty, estrogen stimulates the body to store fat in the hips in preparation for ovulation. At the onset of menopause, estrogen fails and the fat tends to be stored in the abdomen rather than in the belly thus the accumulation of belly fat.

  • Some specific medications may result to obesity

    Certain medications may lead to interference with the hormones responsible for regulation of the amount of fat in the body thus leading to too much accumulation of fat in the body

  • Overeating of foods rich in fat and sugar

    This obviously lead to the accumulation of fat in the body of a human being.

  • The frequency of eating

    Overweight is often associated with the frequency of eating. Medical practitioners have argued that those people who tend to eat more than five heavy meals a day are often affected by overweight.

  • Physical inactivity or being idle most of the time

    Often individuals who rarely do exercises, those people who rarely take a walk rather they are always in the cars or motors tend to be overweight due to the accumulation of fat in the body.

  • Taking too much alcohol

    Too much of alcohol drinking may lead to the destruction of useful organs like liver and pancreas which are responsible for the production of hormones that regulate the level of fat accumulation in the body.overweight health problems and effects of alcohol

Disadvantages Of Belly Fat And Overweight.

The disadvantages and effects associated with belly fat, overweight and obesity are not only health oriented but also social and psychological. This is evident as explained below:

  • May lead to high blood pressure

    When there is a lot of fat in the coronary vessels, the heart is forced to pump blood at a higher rate and with a lot of force. This ends up overworking the heart thus leading to accumulation of blood in the vessels which ends up in bringing about high blood pressure.

  • May lead to infection with the two types of diabetes

    Too much of fat in the body may hinder the normal functioning of insulin leading to insulin resistance. The insulin is the one responsible for the regulation of sugar in the blood thus its failure lead to an attack by either of the two types of diabetes.

  • May cause heart diseases such as heart attacks and strokes

    The presence of too many fat in the body lead to the overworking of the heart in that it is required to pump blood more vigorously and with a lot of energy may lead to its fatigue that causing the heart diseases.

  • May lead to joint problems

    Too much of fat in the body leads to overweight of an individual. This weight is usually exerted on the joints as one moves by. This becomes tiresome to the joints and leads to its fatigue. In the long run, one starts to experience problems like pain in the joints of the knee and even shoulders.

  • May cause respiratory problems to an individual

    Too much of weight on the chest ends up causing respiratory difficulties since the weight is exerted on the lungs thus pressing hard on the causing difficult in the passage of air in and out of the lungs.

  • Can lead to sleep apnea

    This refers to a condition whereby one has a sleepless night and feels sleepy during the day. During the night one lets his or her weight resting on the respiratory organs thus causing moments of lack of breathing and too much snoring. The lack of breath at some points awakens the individual and is often difficult for to regain the sleep.

  • Obesity and overweight lead to a high risk of one being infected with cancer

    Due to the too much of fat in the body, there is an increase in the level of cholesterol in the body, this might cause the infection of cancerous viruses which might cause breast cancer and colon cancer.

  • Overweight and obesity might lead to reproductive disorders

    Too much of fat may hinder the reproduction of sex gametes and even ovulation. It also affects the reproductive system, in general, leading to disorders such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.

  • Too much of fat in the body may also lead to mental illness

    Too much fat may interfere with the transmission of impulses from the receptors, this mind end up making an individual to make the wrong reaction or perception. Persistence of the condition may eventually cause total mental illness.

  • Obesity and overweight may cause premature death of an individual

    with the risk that too much of fatness bring to the body, that is including the heart problems other health problems, it may cause the occurrence of premature death.

  • Obesity, overweight and belly fat lead to poor social skills

    An overweight person is often physically inactive. He or she cannot participate in active physical activities like sports and certain chores as fetching water. Individuals of this kind tend to be lazy.

  • Due to the stigma and shame that accompanies obesity, belly fat and overweight in general, one is often depressed

    This follows when one is unwelcomed ton others or one is isolated due to his or her body shape. It also occurs when one fails to do a certain activity simply because of his or her weight or body shape.

  • An obese is turned to be a target for bullying

    This mostly happens in the schools or among the children. An obese being physically inactive and un swift he or she is bullied by other children or students who keep in mind that the obese is unable to counter back.

Belly fat and obesity have got many effects to your health, therefore, you should try your best to make sure you avoid developing belly fat, by following regular health tips that we give on our site.

If you have already developed belly fat don’t worry there is still a chance for you to do away with them, for you to get instant tips and how to burn excess fat from your body within few days or weeks click here.

How To Avoid Developing Belly Fat Or Reducing It.

Below are discussed the few but effective possible ways to deal with obesity, overweight and the reduction of belly fat:

  • One should engage in physical activities that will help reduce the fat in the body and eventually the weight of an individual. Such activities may include push-ups, press-ups, jogging, jumping, lifting weights and even participating in sports activities such as football and athletics.
  • One should confirm with the doctor on the better medication to use for a certain purpose, This will ensure that one is accountable of his or her weight by being given a medication that would not lead to the gaining of weight by that individual.
  • An individual should avoid eating too many sugary and fatty foods, this will enable the system of the body to moderate the few accumulated fat in the body.
  • One ought to moderate his or her frequency of eating food. High frequency of eating food is associated with the increase of the weight of an individual. At maximum four meals a day is prescribed as the best frequency of feeding.
  • Too much drinking of alcohol should be avoided for this might lead to the destruction of organs useful in the moderation of fat and blood sugar in the body of an individual. The organs are the liver and the pancreas.
  • One should avoid or release himself or herself from fatigue. This might be caused too much work especially those who work at a stagnant place like in the offices. This often causes the impairment of normal body functioning.

This is some methods that will help you burn excess belly fat from your body.

Burning all the belly fat from your body improves your health as advised by physicians and health specialist. These methods listed above are just a few of the recommended ones.

If you want to see the other methods view them here

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it is very essential and important for one to keep on checking on his or her weight as an individual.

As have been discussed above, overweight, obesity and belly fat can be very disadvantageous. This is not only evident in the health wise but also in one’s social interactions and relations.

If one takes note of the signs of obesity, overweight and belly fat discussed above, then he or she will have a simpler and yet effective way to moderate his or her weight.

The disadvantages and effects discussed above are not only meant to educate you on a personal level but also to help you understand another individual who might be suffering these conditions thus you may be able to tolerate and handle them risks for the overweight

The possible solutions discussed are meant to educate you on how to reduce weight, how to maintain your weight at a desirable quantity and also for you to help those affected on how to reduce their weight.

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