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Lime Juice Benefits and Side Effects For a Morning Drink

Lime is a citrus family plant. This is known scientifically as the Rutaceae family. And its scientific name is Citrus Aurantiifolia. This article is taken details on Lime Juice Nutrition. These different kinds of species are native to Northern India, Northern Myanmar, and the Yuan region of Southern Central China. Later, these plants were expanded by human involvement in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

The lime is also sour taste the same as all the other kinds of fruits in the citrus family.  There is various kind of varieties in limes. Lemon lime (Key lime) is a small lime.

Lime Juice Nutrition - Lime juice

Kaffir Limes are different in their skin from lemon lime. And the next one is a big lime etc. All these limes are yellowish when it ripe. The citric acid of the lime is used for many purposes.

The Best Natural Remedy For Different Diseases

The lime contains very important health benefits nutrients. Especially, by drinking a glass of lime juice you can get the energy to work for 5 hours. In fact, lime is a wonderful energy drink inspired by nature. It contains fewer calories. It is 29 calories per 100g. Many people think that the lime belongs to a list of acidic foods. But that is a wrong identification.

In the digestive process, the lime minerals digest into the digestive process and add into our bloodstream. These digesters, in fact, make our body alkaline state that means pH value greater than 7. However, it is not so good to drink lime juice frequently over a day. Drinking water with lime juice once a time is more than enough in the morning. In this article, it is introduced to what are the 10 kinds of lime juice methods more suitable for various diseases.

Lemon Or Lime Juice For Digestion

As a simple and homemade treatment for digestive problems or constipation, the lime is a very effective and good medicine. Pectin contains in limes that make it easy to digest foods. The pectin is also used as a purifier in the body and blood purifier. Therefore, if you can drink lime juice after the large meal, it’s better for your digestive system.

Does Lime Juice Balance Blood Pressure?

The lime contains potassium which regulates blood pressure. And also, the lime can improve the health condition of the heart.

Lime Juice Nutrition - blood pressure

Often, the cause of heart attacks is the accumulation of fat inside the blood vessels. This can be minimized by drinking lime juices.

Home Remedy Nausea Lime Juice

If you drink a glass of lime juice, while you feel the uncomfortable condition of nausea. Then, between 15 to 30 minutes, the inconvenient sensation will be lost.

Herbal Remedies Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Rheumatism or rheumatic disorder is a common name for intermittent pain or chronic pain in connective tissue and in the joints. If you have joints pains, you can drink a glass of lime juice daily to avoid such a situation.

Cholera And Malaria Control

We mentioned earlier that the lime is a very good purifier of the blood. As a result, it helps you to keep extra protection against diseases like cholera and malaria.

Breathing Difficulties

If you have short-term breathing difficulties like asthma,

drink a glass of lime juice as soon as possible. It will be able to instant relief to control it in a few minutes. This may manage your illness until taken by the doctor in a short period.

Lime Juice Nutrition - Breathing Difficulties

Does Drinking Lime Juice Help Kidney Stones

According to previously mentioned about the fact that the lime contains potassium. It really contains a potassium citrate nutritional element. This comes out from the derivation of citric acid from the lime. This potassium citrate is good in the presence of an alkaline state.

When the urine is being a present in a very strong acidic way, the doctors recommend for the patient to obtain this potassium citrate. The potassium citrate eliminates the ability of the formation of oxalate in the kidneys.

The High Consent On Different Kinds Of Sweet Foods Can Be Minimized.

High consent can be minimized for eating different kinds of sweet foods. It controls our sugar level on bloodstream by the different kinds of the enzyme contains in the lime. As a result, greediness for eating sweet foods can be minimized with time. It is revealed by the researchers of American Diabetes Association. This is because the lime has a good ability to absorb glucose instantly produced by the body.

19 thoughts on “Lime Juice Benefits and Side Effects For a Morning Drink”

  1. You read so much about how lemon is so good for you that I never heard how good lime is for you. I always feel bloated after I eat but trying the lime juice might be helpful. I also have arthritis with joint pain whenever my body feels like having the pain. Can you find straight lime juice in the stores or is it better to juice it yourself?

    • Thanks your comments.

      I meant the natural lime juice not to stored in different temperatures on the some of stores. I you can try to use natural lime juice with water in the morning. Try test this opinion no any impact on your body, some other disorders I mentioned on the post also minimize by this glass of juice. Thanks and if you have any comments, or question, feel free to give a comment, I can support you

  2. Hey man,

    Showed my wife this article and she just made me a glass of lime juice!

    She is from India and said it’s used a lot there. I would use a glass daily to maintain great health!…who could have thought a lime was that powerful!

    And it’s affordable tasty I find!


  3. My morning routine is a glass with warm water and lemon juice, but I didn’t knew about the lime benefits.
    How shall one drink the lime? With warm water and which is the quantity of lime juice?
    Thanks for sharing the tips.

    • First Thanks for your comments. your question is now, you are drinking a glass of lime juice with warm water, that is not suitable, because, warm water destroy the nutrition on lime. its effectiveness is not applied to your body. But I recommend you to use regular water with lime juice is more applicable for that, I mentioned in this article. OK, If you have anything to ask me in this regards, please ask me. Thanks so much

    • Thanks for your valuable comments, I think when using a warm water with lime juice, minimise the importance of nutrition in the lime juice. my suggestion is, try to change the warm water with lime juice to regular water with lime juice, is more healthy for your body. And a glass of lime juice per a day is enough. Thanks a lot for your comments and anything, if you have please ask me

  4. Wow, I love lime! I had no idea that it can have so much impact on different problems. Thank you for this article, I’ll try to consume it more often.

  5. Who knew there were so many benefits to limes, and also I wasn’t aware of the variety too. Great informative post that also helps explain the health benefits there are to drinking it.
    Great Info!

    • Thanks for your awareness on the lime and I would like to suggest if you have anyone interesting on Lime, please share them to this post as an additional information, Thanks so much

  6. This is very interesting. I usually get motion sickness, i’ll try and keep this in mind on an upcoming boat trip.

    The meds for motion sickness usually make me sleep, so i miss the fun.

    • Thanks for your valuable comments on Lime, please share others who are interested in lime to awareness, as an additional information, thanks

  7. Yes I am aware of the power of the lemon. I learned a few additional powers like breathing difficulties and kidney stones. It’s amazing what a lemon can do. Mother nature is wonderful. I agree drinking this first thing in the morning, as I do most days, and especially with room temperature or slightly warm water is best instead of cold water. Actually, I use lemon as an underarm deodorant !! Seriously, I discovered this a long time ago. It totally eliminates smell and keep area dry, you can go for 2 days straight before you need to reapply.

    • Thanks for your comments with an understanding of lime juice, and I suggest you to make inform others what a nice healthiness lime juice is!, thanks

  8. Awesome information. I drink Lemon water ( warm water ) as first thing every morning and teach my clients the same. I can pass on your blog info to them. Good job.

  9. Hi darling, I suffered terribly from fluid retention and fluid but couldn’t have warm lemon juice always made me sick. I now have cool water and lemon juice in a big bottle and drink that this all day every day, I now have ankles and a normal sized face. wasn’t sure about limes if its the same because oranges make me sick, im going to try limes now aswell thanks so much xxx

    • I think that is a good idea to try always, cool lime, that is more effective many of the people. But, I don’t know your illness, if you can check by the consultant. That is also much better, before, use many different things. Anyway, lime juice is more useful for all. Thanks your comments


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