Abs Workout Routine For Losing Belly Fat

In the current world, many people have belly fat unwillingly, which has some disadvantages in their healthy life. In this article, I am going to tell you the abs workout routing that will help you lose belly fat.

But before that, first I will tell you what causes one to develop belly fat and what are its side effects to your health and life in general.

What Causes One To Develop Belly Fat?

You might be doing other things being unaware that it causes you to develop belly fat then later you start looking for ways to lose the belly. These are some foods or activities that will make you have belly fat, they include:

#1. Eating Of Sugary Foods.

sugary foods for abs workout routineThere are some high sugar content foods that when you use they will make you develop belly fat cakes, candies, and frozen yoghurt.

These foods have high fat and sugars that will make you develop belly fat, so try as much as can to avoid these sugary foods in your diet.

#2. Alcohol.

Consuming large amounts of alcohol affects the function of the liver, which plays a big role in the management and regulation of fat in the body. this is a one of the alcohol effects on the body.

When you consume a lot of alcohol, you have high chances of developing belly fat.

#3. Inactivity.

In the current world, many people have become inactive that lack of physical exercise because of increased technology.

People travel using vehicles and machines do most of the work. These are some of the causes of developing belly fat. I have only mentioned a few that are crucial and are the key causes.

Why Should You Lose Belly Fat?

When people develop belly fat they think it shows that you eat a well-balanced diet and it indicates you are healthy.

Actually, belly fat have disadvantages and effects to your health current and your future life. These are some reasons why you should lose belly fat:

#1. Develop Diabetes.

Belly fat make or increase chances of you contracting some diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

#2. Dementia In Women.

Large belly, which is accumulated by fat, increases the chances of women contacting a disease known as dementia, which is a progressive decline in cognitive function due to damage/disease in the brain.

#3. Breast Cancer.                                                                                 

Belly fat also increase the risk of women developing breast cancer. These are some of the disadvantages or effects of having belly fat. I have only managed to mention a few diseases and other effects.

This brings a point why it is important to lose belly fat. You also read other ways to lose weight naturally and have been proved scientifically.

Best Exercise For Abs.

best ab workouts for menYou will find many adverts telling you how to lose belly fat within a short period, they may not be interested in you losing belly fat but running their adverts to advertise and promote their business.

I have done research and here are some of the best abs exercises you can do to lose your fat. They include:

#1. Side Plank. 

This is more challenging than the old plank method where you support yourself from four sides that is the two legs and hands.

In this side plank, you support yourself from two sides only, you lie on your side one leg on top of the other, and then you support yourself on the ground using the limp of the arm.

This ensures the stretching of the muscles especially the belly and you have to hold between 30-45 seconds. Within this time, also be holding your breath periodically.                                                                     

#1. Plank Push Up Position. 

This is also the advanced planks exercise and is commonly known as the “press ups”.

To do this you have to support your self with three ends that are one leg and two hands. One of your legs should be suspended in the air.

Then slowly move your body down by stretching and relaxing your hands. As you go up you count, do this repeatedly and be changing the leg that is suspended in the air, after 5 push-ups.

This physical exercise makes sure your muscles are stretched out together with your belly muscles, and ensures you have used more energy at a faster that will force your body to burn the excess fat from your belly to produce the required energy immediately.                                                                                         

You will find many adverts telling you how to lose belly fat within a short period they may not be                     

#2. Alligator Dragging. 

This one is somehow similar to the plank push up position.

You sit in the same position as plank push up position but the difference is that in alligator dragging you do not move up and down but drag yourself along the floor using your hands.

Move a quite distance before you stop and then move again repeatedly. This stretches your body muscles and ensures you have burned the excess calories in your body.            

#3. Donkey Kickbacks.   

donkey kick exercise for abs workoutWith this type of exercise, you have to kneel down on fours and you stand using your toes and palms.

Slowly start with one leg and move it towards your nose and return it as you kick directly backward into the air with a lot of force.

Then return it to the original position and repeat the same procedure using the other leg. Repeat severally until you feel tired. This ensures your belly is exposed to physical exercise and make sure excess calories are burnt.        

#4. The Teaser. 

This move is similar to the Pilates exercise move but an advanced one.

You lie on the floor on your back and legs lifted upwards at 90 degrees that are your knees are above your hips and then start lifting your hands up and down back to the head.

After you have done a few time then separate your legs, if necessary you can support yourself with your arms on the floor to prevent you from falling or toppling over.

This move ensures your bell muscles are stretched as much as possible.                                                                                                      

#5. Bridges Opposite Arm-Leg Reach.

Lie your face up and without your hips touching the floor.

Support yourself with both arms and legs. Slowly raise your right leg and left arm up in the air straight to the ceiling board. In addition, balance yourself on the ground with one leg and one arm. Be careful not to fall. After a few seconds.

#6. Wood Chop.

This move you stand upright with your feet apart.

Your arms should be straight into the air while holding the weight with both your arms, stretch it on one side to the other.

Your legs should be apart to give you enough support as you move from side to side and up and down. This physical exercise ensures your body muscles are stretched to burn excess of calories.

These are the best types of moves that help in burning of the belly fat.

Then return it to the original position and repeat the same procedure using the other leg Repeat severally until you

Many people have used them and proved successful methods used in burning calories and are the abs workout routine for losing belly fat, which result in the loss of weight and reduces the chances of contacting diseases such as heart attack and coronary thrombosis.

Other Ab Workout Routine That Can Result In Lose Of Belly Fat.

You cannot only lose belly fat through this physical exercises/move and abs workout routine for losing belly fat;

you can also lose belly fat by doing daily chores/activities. They include:

#1. Walking.

take a walk for abs workout routineIt is not necessary that all days you go to work by vehicle or any other modern means can decide to walk some days to work.

This helps you in physical exercise that will make your body muscles to require more energy instantly and this will result in the body burning excess fat stored under the belly.

#2. Carrying Luggage.     

You do not have to employ people every time to carry for you small loads, you have to learn carrying them on your own and this helps you gain physical fitness.

These physical activities and others such as jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics, and running, they help burning excess calories and belly fat.

So it is important to do some of the activities on our own without others help, this prevents the body from storing excess fat under the skin, which result in obesity.

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast.

Many people will start doing the exercise and within the first week or after a few days they expect greater changes.

To obtain good results you have to be persistent with the exercise daily that is you avoid excuses that will make you postpone your exercise to tomorrow because tomorrow never reaches.

The burning of belly calories is a gradual process and takes quite a long time to be realized. So don’t be a person who gives up easily.

Persistence will always yield good results for you. In trying these moves, choose only those that you are comfortable with them or you can keep changing them from time to time to avoid boredom.

You don’t knee other medical ways or surgeries to remove excess belly fat these physical moves are enough to help you gain the original shape of your body that you desire.

Have a Nice Day!

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  1. Hello,

    I have also been trying to lost my belly fat and these exercises will definitely help me. One question though, I have been doing wood chops for about twice every week and I can say that they really uses a lot of muscle groups, but my question is should I use the heaviest weight of dumbells I can do, or I can use light weights as long as I do the exercise? I have experienced injury lately due to upright rows and I am wondering if i really need to use heavy dumbells.


    • Thanks to your comments.
      according to my knowledge, my suggestion is, if you don’t use before dumbells as your exercise, Please start from the light dumbbells, gradually, you can increase weight. Because some muscle pain will happen, you have to stop or take medicine. because better to start from light one.


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