Workouts With Dumbbells For Arms And Chest

Chest Workouts With Dumbbells

When using the dumbbells to target your chest muscles, you are likely to also work your arm muscles. In the following passages, there are various good chest workouts with dumbbells that also work the arm muscles. As such, there are chest workouts that can be done using dumbbells. In addition to that, there is also … Read more

Which Muscles Are Worked On A Neutral Grip Pull Up Workout?

Neutral Grip Pull Up

If you want to chisel your entire upper body, you should try a neutral grip pull up. The article discusses this exercise in detail; giving a list of muscles worked. In addition to that, there are instructions on how to do the exercise in the discussion. Besides that, you also get a number of different … Read more

Short on Time? Tone Up And Scorch Fat Fast!

TRX Rows Exercise

These days, it can be hard to get your pump on. We’re all pushed for time and often leave exercise behind. Exercises that target multiple muscles are key to toning up and scorching fat when we are pushed for time. But, what kinds of exercises are those? It might sound impossible but, we’ve found them … Read more