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Health is the greatest profit and Happiness is the greatest Wealth-    The Load Buddha(Siddhārtha Gautama)

About Healthy and Happy Life.

“Healthy and Happy Life” was founded by SAM Liyanage. I believe to provide awesome articles, training content, and community spirit for body health.

I am online with Wealthy Affiliate from 2018

The reason why I started this kind of website is the results of providing reliable information for the community and work as a better information source for the community. So, I and our team would literally spend more time finding research-based good health information on the current debate to provide for the community.

I needed to provide one place where the people could find everything body fat, workouts, exercise nutrition, home remedies, and more health-related information. So we built myservice4all.com – But it happened with the hard work of our team.

As time went by, more people would come to the site and questions, suggestions, and email us saying about valuable information providing for them by this site. Which,  we honestly appreciate them.

Then, we realized that we needed to share our valuable information with many other online sources. And then, we continue to build the best health-related source of information available for you.

So, in these our efforts, we are going to add some value-added features such as:

  • Community-based weight loss, fat burning, exercise, workout  learning system
  • User rated reviews of medical products and services such as exercise machines,etc..
  • Community blog and guest posts for the workouts, exercise and fat burning.
  • Workouts or exercises based Video training

But, those All are free for you.

Finally, we are very proud to say that health and happy life has hundreds of healthcare-related information (if not thousands by now..) of the online community, you can read and make knowledgeable. But, if you’re serious about your body fat, exercises, workouts, etc. I suggest you take the time and join this site to learn from us and apply your life. This website will provide a complete service for you well.

All the best,

Be Healthy, then you will Happy  with  your Life


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